2024 BMW G90 M5 - Everything we know so far

2024 BMW G90 M5 - Everything we know so far

Here's what the new 2024 BMW G90 M5 could look like + potential cost & performance figures!

BMW's M division is finally making its first official hybrid saloon M car - and it could be the quickest accelerating M car of all time! Although BMW hasn't officially unveiled the new 2024 G90 M5 (due to come later this year), we do know several important details and we also have some amazing renders put together by the same group of Carwow designers that accurately predicted the styling of the new Lamborghini Revuelto!

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We need to give credit to Carwow for these amazing renders based on spy shots and teaser photos from BMW. What do you think of what the all-new 2024 G90 M5 could look like?

2024 BMW G90 M5 - Everything we know so far

New 2024 BMW G90 M5

2024 BMW G90 M5 Front End

Exterior Styling

The new 2024 BMW G90 M5 might just be the most extreme-looking M5 ever made. Although it is based on the regular new BMW 5 Series, nearly every body panel will be different. The G90 M5's front end features huge open intake ducts - similar to that of the G87 M2 - that allow plenty of airflow to the radiator. Whilst this design looks very aggressive, it does leave the radiator a bit exposed to debris which could prove to be a concern.

The front bumper also features some vents below the headlights for cooling the brakes and a small front splitter for added downforce.

2024 BMW G90 M5 Front Bumper Design

Just like the new G87 M2, the wheel arches are flared, giving the G90 M5 a more imposing stance and allowing for a much wider rear wheel.

New BMW G90 M5 Flared Wheel Arches

2024 BMW G90 M5 Rear End

That brings us on to the rear of the car. The new M5 may feature slightly more toned-down versions of the new G87 M2's rear corners with tall vertical styling vents on either side. The car is also likely to feature a subtle rear lip spoiler and a rather safe rear diffuser - no doubt MHC will bring out a more premium and aggressive carbon fibre upgrade for this!

Most importantly, the new M5 will have BMW's signature quad tailpipe set up despite the hybrid powertrain.

Engine & Performance

What? The new G90 M5 is a hybrid? Well, this is hardly a surprise - this is a change we're seeing across the board, such as the new C63 AMG from Mercedes. Unlike the Mercedes though, you won't find any 4-cylinder nonsense here. The new M5 will retain BMW's 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 that benefits from the same large electric motor and 4-wheel drive system found in the new BMW XM SUV.

How much power will the new 2024 BMW G90 M5 have?

 As the new M5 will use the same powertrain as the XM SUV, it's likely that the G90 will match the XM Label Red at around 750hp. However, if BMW gave the new M5 the same tuned iteration of the outgoing F90 M5 CS' 635hp 4.4-litre V8, when combined with the 197hp electric motor, G90 M5 Competition or CS variants could go on to produce up to 830hp. This would make it the most powerful road-going BMW of all time!

How much will the new 2024 BMW G90 M5 weigh?

Although the potential power figure sound very impressive, it's important to consider that the new M5 will weigh significantly more than the outgoing model. The hybrid powertrain is extremely heavy - the XM SUV that utilises this powertrain weighs over 2,700 kg! I think it's fair to say the new G90 M5 will tip the scales somewhere between 2,000 - 2,500kg.

How fast will the new 2024 BMW G90 M5 accelerate from 0-60mph?

With the outgoing F90 M5 CS clocking a recorded 0-60mph time of under 3 seconds, it's likely that the new G90 M5 could edge closer to a 2.5 seconds 0-60.


How much will the new 2024 BMW G90 M5 cost?

Although this is yet to be confirmed, the new M5 will definitely be more expensive than the current flagship 5 Series: The i5 M60 which costs around £98,000. With technology from the BMW XM, it's likely that the 2024 G90 M5 will cost somewhere between £120,000 and £150,000. This means that future Competition and CS versions could cost up to £180,000. Ouch...

For accurate pricing information, as well as confirmed specs & features, we'll have to wait until BMW officially launches the new M5 later this year. Excitingly, BMW has already announced there will be a Touring version - the first M5 touring since the E61 generation from the late 2000's!

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