Top 5 Best First Mods For The 2023+ BMW G87 M2

Top 5 first modifications for the 2023 BMW G87 M2!

NOW UPDATED FOR 2024! Here are the top 5 best first modifications for the 2023+ BMW G87 M2!

The 2023 BMW G87 M2 Coupe is one of BMW's latest additions to its performance car portfolio. Despite the car putting on some weight compared to the previous generation, the new M2 remains the smaller and 'more chuckable' M car.

With the same chassis and powerplant as the G80 M3 / G82 M4, there are already numerous modifications available. Having modified a series of G87s, both in our workshop and across the world, we have put together a first mods guide for new owners to address all areas of the new M2 in need of improvement.


1. Wheel Spacers

As with most modern BMW M cars, the wheels don't come with the greatest fitment from the factory. Maybe they're scared of being curbed or perhaps they're just feeling shy - whatever the reason, BMW decided essentially hide them away inside the arches. A good-quality set of BMW G87 M2 wheel spacers will get your vehicle's wheels sitting nice and flush for a wider and more purposeful stance.

We run Bimecc spacers on all our development vehicles due to the strength and safety rating, as well as the corrosion-resistant finish. As for sizing, we recommend 12mm at the front & 20mm at the rear. For a more aggressive fitment, we also tried a 20mm spacer at the front which worked well.

2. Lowering Springs

Lowering springs work in tandem with wheel spacers to achieve perfect wheel fitment. By fitting a well-engineered set of springs, you will eliminate the BMW G87 M2's ugly arch gap - a common complaint we hear from owners. In addition to this, upgraded springs will lower your new M2's centre of gravity to improve handling and stability.

Previously, we recommended fitting adjustable G80 M3 / G82 M4 springs. The adjustability meant you could tailor the springs to suit the weight and dynamics of the G87 for the best results. Our go-to adjustable springs are the Cobra height-adjustable suspension kit or the MMR adjustable lowering springs.

Now that the G87 M2 has been out for a while, many suspension manufacturers have had the chance to develop lowering springs specifically for the G87.

The most cost-effective lowering springs for the BMW G87 M2 Coupe are the Eibach Pro Kit Springs, which give the car a drop of 15-20mm at the front & 10-15mm at the rear. Just like the G80 M3, the G87 sits higher at the front from the factory so these springs level the car out nicely.

3. Yellow CSL DRL Modules

This modification soured in popularity on the G80/G82 vehicles. Installing yellow DRL modules is a great-value upgrade to make your BMW G87 M2 stand out. Your main beam headlights remain the OEM colour, meaning these DRL modules are completely road legal!

We have a dedicated install video for the G87 M2 CSL yellow daytime running light modules here:

4. MHC+ Carbon Fibre Styling Kit

Now you've covered some basics, it's time to make your new G87 M2 really turn heads with the Edition 1 Carbon Kit by MHC. MHC was the very first automotive carbon fibre manufacturer in the UK to develop a full carbon body kit for the new M2. It was on the shelf before customer deliveries even started taking place. For full details on the kit, click here.

The kit is manufactured here in the UK at MHC's factory in Silverstone. It offers a premium OEM+ exterior transformation to take the new M2 to the next level. Even if you don't opt for the full kit, each component is available individually.

5. Upgraded Exhaust System

The 2023+ BMW G87 M2's S58 engine, especially in the EU market, sounds very underwhelming due to the strict emission regulations currently in place. The factory exhaust features a series of silencers, multiple cats, and the dreaded OPF. There are already solutions for this from leading exhaust manufacturers such as Valvetronic, Remus & Milltek, varying from full cat-back systems to simple MOT-compliant OPF-back options.

To see our full range of BMW G87 M2 exhaust upgrades, click here.

With these 5 modifications, your BMW G87 M2 will be a completely different animal. But, it doesn't have to stop there. See our huge collection of G87 M2 parts and modifications here.

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