Pure Turbos BMW N54 Stage 2 Turbo 600-700hp (135i/335i) - R44 Performance
Pure Turbos BMW N54 Stage 2 Turbo 600-700hp (135i/335i) - R44 Performance

Pure Turbos BMW N54 Stage 2 Turbo 600-700hp (135i/335i)

Sale price$5,923.71 USD
Compressor Housing:Stock
Core Deposit:No - I will send in my stock turbos up front

Pure Turbos BMW N54 PURE Stage 2 V2 Turbo Upgrade is suitable for 600-700whp!

This turbo upgrade is intended for those looking to hit big power goals (600-700whp) while maintaining the stealth OE look under the hood. These turbos can work with both stock 1.81" and larger 2" inlet kits. Pure Turbos are offering a no-charge machined 2" inlet snout option and can build these turbos with stock snouts or modified machined snouts, customer's choice. The stock-style inlets have no bead roll, and are too short. Silicone hoses want to squeeze off the stock inlets. Pure Turbos created a solution for this by using their machined inlets which feature static friction channels and bead rolls. The inlets simply do not come off with this upgrade. 

All Stage 2 Upgrades come fully optioned with thrust upgrades, billet wheels, etc. There's no extra charge for features we consider standard issue on a high-performance turbocharger.

Please Note: You will need to send in only your core turbo to be upgraded. (Any additional parts that you send may not be returned if sent together with the core).


- Billet Compressor Wheels
- Bullet Nuts
- (optional) Machined 2" Inlets
- HiFlow Turbine Wheel
- Thrust Upgrades
- Wastegate Parts Replaced & Upgraded


Fits BMW E-Series 1M, 135& 335i with the N54 engine

*PLEASE NOTE: Returns ARE NOT accepted on Pure Turbos products due to complex shipping arrangements, lead times & exchange rates.*