Leib BMW M3/M4 CAN BUS Pro Exhaust Valve Flap Controller (G80/G81/G82/G83) - R44 Performance
Leib BMW M3/M4 CAN BUS Pro Exhaust Valve Flap Controller (G80/G81/G82/G83) - R44 Performance

Leib BMW G Series CAN BUS Pro 2 Valve (G80/G81/G82/G83/F97/F98 etc)

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Leib Engineering CAN BUS Pro Exhaust Flap Valve Controller for the BMW G Series allows you to take control of your vehicle's exhaust system. Gain control over the exhaust valves and start/stop system.

Plug & play installation takes approximately 120 minutes without the need for cutting or soldering.

Main functions:

  • EXHAUST VALVE FLAP CONTROL | Adjustable in modes: open - series - closed
  • START STOP OFF | The engine start-stop function can be deactivated (can be set in the menu)

User information:

  • EXHAUST VALVE FLAP CONTROL | Controlled via rocker on the multifunction steering wheel
  • RES Button on the multi-function steering wheel pressed shortly, stores the valve flap mode for the next engine start
  • Optical confirmation of the selected valve flap mode by flashing the turn signal - only at the instrument cluster (not visible outside)
  • All functions can be adjusted in the menu (instrument cluster) if required (please download the functional description online)

Important information:

  • There will be NO error entry by using the LEIB CAN EXHAUST module
  • The LEIB CAN EXHAUST module is automatically DISABLED, if a BMW Tester is connected to the car
  • To prevent a double function, the functions of the exhaust valve flap control are only operable if the cruise control and the limit function are off


All BMW G Series models with a twin-valve exhaust setup.

This includes:

- BMW G80 M3
- BMW G81 M3
- BMW G82 M4
- BMW G83 M4
- BMW F90 M5
- BMW F92/F92/F91 M8
- BMW F97 X3M
- BMW F98 X4M
& more

If you're not sure whether this part fits your vehicle, please get in touch.