Leib BMW B58 OPF Delete Cables (F20/F22/F30/F32/G20/G22/G42)-R44 Performance

Leib BMW B58 OPF Delete Cable (F20/F22/F30/F32/G20/G22/G42)

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The Leib OPF B58 OPF delete cable is the go-to option when removing the OPF from your B58-powered vehicle without causing any recognition on your DME.

Plug & Play installation in about 60 minutes without cutting or soldering. The Installation is possible without any prior knowledge through the online available and illustrated installation instructions. Alternatively, we recommend installation by a specialist workshop or one of our dealers. Automotive connectors guarantee full functionality.

For expert fitting at the R44 Performance HQ in London, please get in touch.

To use the OPF delete cables you will need to ensure you have all OPF pressure connections are connected to the car at all times.


- Wiring Harness Allowing By-pass of OPF/GPF Sensors
- *The pressure sensor shown is not part of the LEIB OPF DELETER*
- Non-traceable on the DME
- Easy Plug & Play Solution
- Simple Installation & Removal
- No More Error Messages On Your Dashboard


BMW B58 Turbo OPF engines 2018+
- G42 M240i
- G2X M340i
- F20 M140i
- F22 M240i
- All other B58 models