KW Height Adjustable Springs are a great way to give your G8X M3/M4 a lowered look without spending the money for a full coilover kit. Included in this pack you get high-quality KW springs and threaded collars that work with your OEM dampers to give you a sporty but comfortable ride that will improve your vehicle's handling and give it an aggressive feel.

For vehicles equipped with electronic dampers from the factory, KW's sleeve kit for the G80/G82 M3/M4 RWD and X-Drive are, in some ways, better than a full coilover kit because you do not have to sacrifice any functionality in order to lower your car. That combined with KW's legendary quality and race heritage gives you the peace of mind you need when modifying your treasured car. Eliminate that ugly fender gap and get that sexy sporty look for your G8X M3/M4.


  • Suitable for BOTH rear-wheel drive & xDrive vehicles
  • Individual height adjustability of the original suspension
  • Does not interfere with factory electronic damper control
  • Composite Spring Seat and Trapezoidal Shock Threads provide industry-leading durability, load capacity, and ease of adjustment.
  • Front Lowering Range: 10-25mm | 0.4-1.0 in
  • Rear Lowering Range: 5-25mm | 0.2-1.0 in
  • Go faster through the curves with improved handling that inspires confidence!
  • Excellent ride quality that will keep you and your passengers comfortable and happy.
  • Get the look you really want with full height adjustability.


    - BMW G80 M3 Saloon (2021+)
    - BMW G80 M3 Competition Saloon (2021+)
    - BMW G81 M3 Touring (2023+)
    - BMW G81 M3 Competition Touring (2023+)
    - BMW G82 M4 Coupe (2021+)
    - BMW G82 M4 Competition Coupe (2021+)
    - BMW G83 M4 Convertible (2021+)
    - BMW G83 M4 Competition Convertible (2021+)
    - BMW G87 M2 Coupe (2023+)