H&R BMW M135i/M140i 25mm Lowering Springs (F20/F21)-R44 Performance
H&R BMW M135i/M140i 25mm Lowering Springs (F20/F21)-R44 Performance

H&R BMW M135i/M140i 25mm Lowering Springs (F20/F21)

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The 25mm H&R lowering springs for the BMW F20/ F21 M135i and M140i give the car the perfect fitment with both OEM and aftermarket wheels. The 25mm drop in ride height is perfect for the F20/F21 and, when paired with wheel spacers, creates the ultimate stance.

As well as looking better, the H&R lowering springs improve handling and dynamics by creating a stiffer suspension setup and lower centre of gravity. Benefits you'll notice straight away include sharper turn-in, more direct and responsive steering, less body roll when going around corners and improved stability at higher speeds.

We have run these on our product development car with fast road and track use on 18" & 19" with no rubbing or issues. As soon as we installed the H&R lowering springs, we noticed the difference within the first few metres of driving. Most importantly, the ride quality isn't compromised! As you're not changing the OEM dampers, the stiffer spring rate just gives you more control and allows the car to settle a lot faster over bumps. The standard suspension tends to bounce a bit which can upset the balance of the car - not an issue with the H&R lowering springs.


  • Sporty appearance
  • 25MM ride height drop on the front and rear 
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • Lowered centre of gravity
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers
  • Powder-coated for enhanced appearance and corrosion resistance
  • Delivered with ABE or TUV approval
  • Engineered, manufactured, and tested in Germany


  • BMW F20/F21 M135i (2011-2016)
  • BMW F20/F21 M140i (2016-2019)