Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube 500ml - Available At R44 Detailing
Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube 500ml With Clay Bar - Available At R44 Detailing
Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube 500ml With Mild Clay Bar - Available At R44 Detailing

Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube 500ml

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Gyeon Q²M ClayLube is totally pH neutral and developed to work with any type of clay bar. It does not affect the clay and remains safe for the most delicate bars. Additionally, it does not cause any staining on the paint.

The formula of Q²M ClayLube allows it to be diluted even up to 1:10 without changing the slickness of the product. This makes it an excellent choice for professional detailers as well as enthusiasts. TIP: Spray generously at one panel at a time. Rinse the car after the claying process is finished to easily remove any potential streaks.




Q²M ClayLube has extreme slickness which reduces friction and prevents the clay from ‘grabbing’ and marring the surface, instead the clay will slip over it to reveal smooth paint. Ideally used with Q²M Clay for best results, but it can be used with any clay bars, cloths or discs to lubricate. Q²M ClayLube can be diluted down as far as a 1:10 ratio, which offers great economy, without impacting on its high performance and still allowing good lubrication for the clay to do its job.

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