Ferodo Ds2500 Rear Brake Kit For BMW M Lite And M Vehicles FCP4663H-EFA165-BPF0055-R44 Performance

Ferodo Ds2500 Rear Brake Kit For BMW M Lite And M Vehicles FCP4663H-EFA165-BPF0055

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SKU: FCP4663H-EFA165-BPF0055
The rear brake kit is a great value offer. The kit offers Ferodo ds2500 rear pads which offer enhanced stopping performance, a wear sensor that should be changed when new pads are installed and new pins, which is a must-change item when installing new brake pads.


  • Ferodo DS2500 x1: FCP4663H
  • EBC Rear wear sensor x1: EFA165
  • Rear pin set x1: BPF0055


  • BMW F20/ F21 M135I
  • BMW F20/ F21 M140I
  • BMW F22/ F23 M235I
  • BMW F22/ F23 M240I
  • BMW F87 M2
  • BMW F87 M2 Competition
  • BMW F80 M3
  • BMW F80 M3 Competition
  • BMW F82/ F83 M4
  • BMW F82/ F83 M4 Competition


These pads are for TRACK USE only! R44 Performance can take no responsibility if you decide to use these pads on the road. 


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