EBC Audi 8S 8U 8V Redstuff Sport Rear Brake Pads - Ate Caliper DP32295C-R44 Performance

EBC Audi 8S 8U 8V Redstuff Sport Rear Brake Pads - Ate Caliper DP32295C

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EBC Brakes Redstuff is a superb fast street pad for all cars in fast street use.
Made from a premium quality LOW dust compound, these pads contain NO steel fibers and any small amount of dust created will wash off easily with a sponge and water. Pads are shimmed and chamfered for quiet braking and are finished with the EBC Brake-In coating for fast bedding after installation and carry a red powder-coated finish for great looks. Redstuff pads also reduce disc wear so discs and pads last longer while still delivering great performance.
Ceramic particles (not fibres) enhance the aramid fibre formulation used in EBC Brakes Redstuff to deliver powerful and long-lasting silent braking for the discerning driver.
An ideal upgrade for original pads on prestige and faster cars in urban driving, delivering great brake response and feel from the first application of the brakes.

Redstuff pads are tested to ECE R90 standards and are completely street-legal.

Redstuff pads are NOT FOR TRACK USE See Yellowstuff, Bluestuff, Orangestuff or the new RP1 and RPX full race pads for track use. Select from the home page menu.

All EBC compounds are performance-enhanced with CERAMIC GRANULES making them a true premium upgrade pad range for all vehicles.

Note: These are the rear brake pads.


  • 1 x EBC Rear Brake Pad (Left)
  • 1 x EBC Rear Brake Pad (Right)


  • Pad A:

-Height (mm): 123.25

-Width (mm): 61.2

-Thickness (mm): 16.4


  • Pad B:

    -Height (mm): 123.25

    -Width (mm): 56.2

    -Thickness (mm): 16.4

    • Great at handling extreme temperatures
    • Enhanced stopping performance over OEM pads


    • RS3 (2.5 Turbo) 8V (2015 — 2020)
    • RSQ3 (2.5 Turbo) 8U (2015 — 2020)
    • TTRS quattro (2.5 Turbo) 8S  (2016 — Present )


    This product comes with an EBC warranty.


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