Dorch Engineering BMW B58 Stage 2 High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) - R44 Performance

Dorch Engineering BMW B58 Stage 2 High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)

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SKU: DEN-FUP-B58-002 (1-4 Series)
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Dorch Engineering BMW B58 Stage 2 High-Pressure Fuel Pump is an upgraded fuel pump designed to support up to 700whp from the BMW B58 engine. You receive a complete plug-and-play kit that drops right in like an OEM fuel pump. What's more, you retain full control from the DME and all of the safety and sophistication of the stock DME remain in place.

Software changes are required to run this pump. If using Bootmod3MHD, or MG Flasher, simply check the box for the Dorch pump upgrade when flashing. Otherwise, please send your .BIN file to for the appropriate software changes. This change is free of charge for all Dorch customers.


- Fuel Flow (cc/rev): 1.558
- Stage 2 kit
- Supports up to 700 wheel-horsepower (WHP)
- Plug & play
- No cutting, bending or crimping is required


ONLY UP TO 2019 Model Year

*KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2020+ B58 Vehicles

- BMW F20/21 M140i (2016-2019)
- BMW F22/23 M240i (2016-2019)
- BMW F30/31/34 340i (2016-2019)
- BMW F32/33/36 440i (2016-2019)
- BMW G30/31 540i (up to 2019)
- BMW G32 640i (up to 2019)
- BMW G11/12 740i (up to 2019)
- BMW G01 X3 M40i (up to 2019)
- BMW G02 X4 M40i (up to 2019)


- HPFP w/ Hardware
- High-Pressure Line
- Low Pressure Line
- Low-Pressure Line Bracket
- Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness


View fitting instructions here.