dAHLer BMW Exhaust Flap/Valve Controller-R44 Performance
dAHLer BMW Exhaust Flap/Valve Controller-R44 Performance
dAHLer BMW Exhaust Flap/Valve Controller-R44 Performance

dAHLer BMW Exhaust Flap/Valve Controller

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dAHLer BMW Exhaust Flap/Valve Controller is the perfect solution for your BMW to take control of your vehicle's exhaust sound.

This device allows the user to manually open and close your vehicle's factory exhaust valves at the push of a button. Plugging directly into the existing OEM harness, the daHler valve controller is super simple to install, requiring no coding. The valves are controlled using the supplied remote or can be programmed into your mirror buttons for seamless integration.

Please note: For safety reasons, your vehicle's valves cannot be permanently closed using the daHler controller as air restriction under full throttle may cause damage over time.


- Start mode adjustable via remote control or memory function
- Use the remote control to specify the function in which the vehicle should start. Or you can activate the memory function and the device always remembers the last driver’s setting even after an engine stop
- If BMW updates the computer software, the dAHLer Exhaust Flap/Valve Control Module is not lost or overwritten
- Operates as minimally in the vehicle as necessary
- Does not trigger error message. When your vehicle goes to the BMW workshop for maintenance, no errors appear on the DIS machine
- Undetectable to plug-in diagnostic readers and it leaves no traces behind
- Improves driving experience
- Each system is individually checked for function after assembly and subjected to quality assurance.
- All Modules are made in Germany by a team of specialists at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.
- Built to be safe from the ground up
- Permanently resistant from up -30° to +80° C. As a rule - no heat protection is required


- BMW F20/F21 1 Series
- BMW F22/23 2 Series
- BMW F10 M5
- BMW F30/F31/F34 3 Series
- BMW F32/33/36 4 Series
- BMW F40 1 Series
- BMW F80 M3
- BMW F82/83 M4
- BMW F87 M3
- BMW F90 M5
- BMW F09 M6
- BMW G20/G21/G28 3 Series
- BMW G22/G23/G26 4 Series
- BMW G29 Z4 Roadster
- BMW G80 M3
- BMW G82/G83 M4
- BMW G87 M2
- Toyota A90 Supra Mk5


- daHler exhaust flap/valve controller
- Remote control