Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid 1L-R44 Performance

Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid 1L

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Castrol React SRF racing brake fluid is specially formulated to maximise braking performance in competition conditions. React SRF DOT 4 brake fluid has a very high boiling point of over 300 degrees Celsius making this fluid ideal for even the most extreme conditions.

  • Extremely high boiling point - Dry typically 325°C / Wet typically 270°C
  • Proven performance at all levels of Motorsport including F1, WRC AND Moto GP
  • Ideal for Motorsport use where extreme braking conditions are encountered
  • Very high vapour lock point which is sustained throughout the service life

In order to achieve such high performance, it is recommended SRF be changed in eighteen-month cycles for maximum efficiency. A deterioration in performance at low temperatures may be experienced if fluid is run in periods longer than eighteen months.

Castrol React SRF is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems except vehicles that have mineral oil systems. This is the ultimate in high-performance brake fluid.

1 Litre bottle