Carbon Collective HEX Hand Polishing Pad - Compound 2 Yellow-R44 Performance

Carbon Collective HEX Hand Polishing Pad - Compound 2 Yellow

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HEX Hand Polishing Pads are designed to optimise the cut and finish of your favourite polishing compound, increasing speed & cutting power without the need for a machine polisher.

Designed for polishing those awkward areas such as wheels, behind door handles & panel gaps, or for using on flat panels by hand.

The unique H.E.X pattern helps retain compound during polishing whilst helping to control product residue, allowing a longer work time, whilst the ergonomic design allows for easy use.

    Compound 2.

    • Medium cut, for removing deep scratches, correcting holograms & buffer trails.


      • Double-sided H.E.X pattern.
      • Slim 50mm design increases polishing action
      • German Foams
      • Will not leave behind swirls or marring
      Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.