Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax 500ml-R44 Performance

Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax 500ml

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Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax is a superior, super-easy-to-use last-stage treatment for the protection of highly finished vehicle paint systems. The high-grade T1 carnauba wax is used as the backbone to provide a deep rich gloss. Unlike other automotive waxes, excellent gloss, ease of application and buff-ability are provided by gloss-enhancing molecules. To achieve the ultimate smooth glass-like finish, the paint should be in good condition. This can be easily achieved before use with Korrosol and Auto Clay bar, before hydra-wax treatment.


This product offers detergent-proof longevity. It will continue to bead water long after more expensive sealers, premium paste waxes and so-called ‘nano coatings’ have failed. For longest durability, pre-cleaning of paint using Cleanser-Fluid is recommended.


Hydra-Wax is a particularly good choice for those who want an excellent water and dirt-repellent shiny finish to their paintwork, with ease and infrequent application. It is also an excellent choice for those who wish to apply a product as frequently as every week.

With easy application and satisfying buffing, no dust is produced and there are no abrasives to wear away the paint. We guarantee that this will give the user the most satisfying waxing experience ever.

Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.