Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft 200g-R44 Performance

Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft 200g

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Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft is designed to effortlessly restore the factory smooth finish to paint finishes. It's received critical acclaim in the detailing industry for being the most durable, cost-effective and well-designed clay-bars available today.

Soft –

If paint is in good condition, if you like to clay your vehicle frequently or indeed if the weather is cold, then use Soft.


Auto Express Magazine product award trophy

Auto Express Magazine, a giant in the car magazine world, has awarded auto-clay with their Best Clay Bar award every year for the last 5! Also, they compared the clay-cloths to clay bars in one recent test, where they concluded that bars were better, and that auto-clay was the pick of the bunch once again!

Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.