Auto Finesse Verso All Purpose Cleaner-R44 Performance
Auto Finesse Verso All Purpose Cleaner-R44 Performance

Auto Finesse Verso All Purpose Cleaner

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Size:1 Litre

Auto Finesse Verso All Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that has a wide range of cleaning abilities, both interior cleaning and external cleaning whilst offering great value for money.

Verso is perfect for interior cleaning such as; carpet cleaning, fabric cleaning an rubber cleaning and external cleaning such as; engine cleaning, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible hoods. Sometimes an all-purpose cleaner is not always used in a weekly wash routine.

At its weakest dilution (1:10) Verso can offer up to 10 litres of all-purpose cleaner for very little money. As with the Auto Finesse car care range, Verso offers ease of use to both professionals and weekend hobbyists alike. Verso is a pleasure to work with, as it has a fresh clean fragrance. This is perfect if you choose to use Verso as an interior cleaner as the fragrance can be smelt once all surfaces have been cleaned and dried. Also, unlike many all-purpose cleaners on the market, Verso will not leave white streaks on the dash and trim parts once it has dried.

Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.