Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring Single Turbo For SEMA 2023 - R44 Performance

World's First Single Turbo BMW G81 M3 Touring | SEMA 2023

The R44 Performance single turbo BMW G81 M3 Touring Build - Road to SEMA 2023 complete!
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Introducing the R44 Performance BMW G81 M3 Touring build for SEMA 2023. Quite possibly the most heavily modified G81 in the world - definitely a very rare sight in the US.

The aim was to bring you a build that really pushed the boundaries for the G8X platform and truly showcased our abilities despite being a young company in comparison to many of the big players you know and love. What we didn’t expect was to meet so many amazing people, and work with so many incredible brands and manufacturers, whilst really getting to know the amazing automotive community in the US.

Without further ado, here’s the complete build:

The first thing you notice is the stunning Inozetek Super Gloss Narwhal Blue vinyl wrap by Impressive Wrap Los Angeles. Not only does this colour stand out, but it also looks great under various different lights.

Inozetek Narwhal Blue BMW G81 M3 Touring

Inozetek Narwhal Blue BMW G81 M3 Touring

Sitting adjacent to the Narwhal Blue body colour is a beautiful set of Vossen S21-08 wheels with a Dymag carbon barrel finished in Patina Gold with Vossen’s new design centre locks. These wheels are wrapped in a full set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres.

Vossen S21-08 Wheels With Carbon Fibre Barrel

Vossen S21-08 Wheels With Carbon Fibre Barrel

Vossen S21-08 Wheels With Carbon Fibre Barrel

Vossen S21-08 Wheels With Carbon Fibre Barrel

All the way around the car, you’ll find a slew of pre-preg carbon fibre styling upgrades from MHC LDN. Around the lower sections, the G81 features a full MHC+ low-line kit - including the iconic SP1 front lip, clean and simple SK1 side skirts, and aggressive SS1 rear side splitters. The kit is complemented nicely with the new DF1 rear diffuser and OEM Carbon replacements which have been colour-matched in Narwhal Blue! This diffuser has a built-in LED brake light to add a stand-out motorsport element to the rear of the car. Sitting above the diffuser is the MHC+ pre-preg carbon rear bumper insert to replace the plain gloss black item from the factory.

BMW G81 M3 Touring MHC LND Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Body Kit

BMW G81 M3 Touring MHC LDN Carbon Fibre DF1 LED Rear Diffuser

BMW G81 M3 Touring MHC LDN Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser & Bumper Insert

Taking you back around to the front of the vehicle, you’ll notice the MHC+ pre-preg carbon fibre GT front grilles with a genuine BMW gloss black ‘M3 Competition’ badge. To either side of the grilles, you’ll also notice a set of MHC+ pre-preg carbon twin fin ducts that flow cohesively into the design of the SP1 front splitter. To complete the front end, we also installed some R44 CSL-yellow daytime running light modules.

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring MHC LDN Carbon Fibre Front Grille

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring MHC LDN Carbon Fibre Front Grille

Moving down the side of the car, there are one or two more subtle styling upgrades including the MHC+ pre-preg carbon fibre mirror covers and full replacement pre-preg carbon M3 side badges.

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring Built By R44 Performance

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring With R44 CSL Yellow DRLs

You’d be forgiven for missing this upgrade. As standard, the G80/G82 Competition models come with a carbon roof from the factory. Not the G81 M3 Touring though… Courtesy of iND Distribution, the car received a full Alpha N carbon fibre roof - something only a few wagons in the world can boast. The process was long and arduous but iND absolutely smashed it out of the park and the finished product is something special!

BMW G81 M3 Touring Carbon Fibre Roof Upgrade - R44 Performance

BMW G81 M3 Touring Carbon Fibre Roof Upgrade - R44 Performance

As you step inside the cabin and squeeze yourself into the M Performance carbon fibre bucket seats, you’re first greeted by a prototype JQ Werks Madtrace BMW G Series Racing Steering Wheel System paired with a suede Monte Carlo wheel from MOMO. This setup has built-in JQ Werks Madtrace magnetic paddle shifters which have already been a huge hit on their own. The steering wheel system offers complete OEM functionality whilst allowing you to switch to a more track-focused setup.

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring JQ Werks Madtrace Racing Steering Wheel

To give the G81 the perfect show car stance, a full Air Lift 3P Air Ride Management System was a no-brainer. This setup has allowed us to drive thousands of miles across America with complete comfort and practicality with the ability to slam the car at meets and shows. The best of both worlds!

BMW G81 M3 Touring Modified On Air Ride Suspension

We’ve covered a HUGE amount of modifications so far. But, to be honest… we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Introducing the world’s first right-hand drive S58 single-turbo kit for the G8X platform. For this kit, we utilized Precision Turbos and collaborated with Tom Wrigley Performance to create a high-quality and unique power package with both substantial performance gains and the ultimate old-school sound. The kit includes the turbo itself, a titanium exhaust manifold, a 1-2 downpipe (designed to run with a stock system layout), and all necessary hardware for installation.

R44 x Tom Wrigley Performance BMW S58 Single Turbo Kit

R44 x Tom Wrigley Performance BMW S58 Single Turbo Kit

This was a super cool transformation for the car, but we had to stand out from the crowd... As a team, we decided to have the Precision Turbo Polished and Frozen Lacquered to match the CSF Inlet Manifold!

CSF Cooling Modifications For BME S58 Engine

The car currently has a fairly basic engine-map, running a safe 800 bhp. The Precision 6870 turbocharger we’re running is designed for a standard engine and transmission, making it accessible for most G8X owners. The kit can also be run with a larger Precision 7275 turbocharger capable of 1200 bhp+ with upgraded engine internals and a built transmission.

To assist with the power gains provided by the R44 x Tom Wrigley Performance single-turbo kit is a vast array of supporting modifications. Separate from the kit, for airflow, you’ll find a full R44 titanium cat-back exhaust system which dramatically reduces back pressure and saves approximately 35 lbs of weight compared to the stock system.

R44 Performance BMW G81 M3 Touring Titanium Exhaust System

For cooling, the G81 enjoyed a complete overhaul of the cooling system with every available upgrade from CSF Radiators. This includes their front-mount heat-exchanger (which is helpfully supplied with a durable rock guard), their ZF8 transmission oil cooler, engine oil cooler, and charge air cooler inlet manifold that allows you to run high boost without any lift or separation, preventing boost leaks.

As for fuelling, the car is equipped with ID 1050CC injectors as well as a flex-fuel kit (with filter and ethanol sensor). This is combined with the Performance Fueling Solutions G8X S58 full drop-in brushless LPFP upgrade and supported with a Reflex Plus mounting bracket and Motiv 0-10 bar pressure sensor.

BMW S58 Single Turbo Kit - R44 Performance

If there’s something we know about big builds like this, it’s that the tiny details MATTER. Under the bonnet, next to all the performance upgrades, you’ll find a matte carbon fibre engine cover from Eventuri sitting beneath a Motech Performance aluminium strut brace. We also fitted a new product offering for us, the Indiv carbon fibre ECU cover with a satin finish.

More subtly, the engine bay also features a GoldenWrench Supply BLACKLINE silver dress-up kit. Other bits we picked up from iND include a replacement tow hook cover and Acexxon Motorsports gloss black reflector inserts.

Modified BMW G81 M3 Touring Engine Bay Upgrades

The standout piece, however, is the R44 gloss pre-preg carbon fibre slam panel signed by the team. It’s because of the continued efforts of the R44 family that this build was even possible.

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