BMW F20 F21 1 Series Gloss Black Styling Parts

5 ESSENTIAL gloss black styling parts for the BMW 1 Series!

Here are our top 5 best gloss black styling modifications for the BMW F20 & F21 1 Series. All parts are under £200!
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Undoubtedly, the F20 F21 generation BMW 1 Series is a good-looking car. However, it's very easy (and not super expensive) to dramatically improve the vehicle's exterior, and this can easily be done at home.

Carbon fibre parts definitely look great, but they are on the pricey side - especially for high-quality pre-preg carbon fibre components. A much more affordable route is to transform your 1 Series with some great-value gloss black upgrades that, to be honest, suit the personality of the car a lot better than carbon.

Why Choose Gloss Black Styling for the BMW 1 Series?

Gloss black styling parts are commonly constructed using ABS which offers a balance of impact, heat, and chemical resistance with great tensile strength and rigidity. The gloss black finish also looks very sleek and stealthy for the perfect OEM+ look.

Our Top 5 Gloss Black Styling Upgrades for the BMW 1 Series

1. Gloss Black Rear Spoiler by MHC

BMW 1 Series Gloss Black Rear Spoiler By MHC

Designed specifically for M sport models, as well as the M140i and M135i LCI vehicles, this gloss black rear boot spoiler fits securely to the upper boot lid and adds a more aggressive look. The performance style design features a central gap for aerodynamic efficiency - not to mention the increased road presence this design feature gives!

MHC Black BMW 1 Series Gloss Black Boot Spoiler

This rear spoiler is supplied with pre-applied 3M adhesive tape to make installation as straightforward as possible. All you need is a microfibre, some adhesive promoter, and a friend to help you line everything up.

2. Gloss Black Front Kidney Grilles by MHC

The chrome-surrounded kidney grilles found on the BMW F2X 1 Series from the factory look okay... but for under £70, you can replace them with a sleek gloss black version with single-slat and double-slat options. This is a particularly important modification for the M140i and M135i as the chrome really doesn't suit the car's aggressive nature.

BMW 1 Series Gloss Black Kidney Grilles

The single-slat option offers a clean OEM look, whereas the double-slat version has a fully-fledged M car appeal.

3. Gloss Back Front Splitter by Maxton Design

Maxton Design BMW 1 Series V3 Front Lip In Gloss Black

BMW 1 Series Gloss Black Front Lip F20 F21

Maxton Design offers a range of BMW 1 Series front splitter designs. Our favourite is the V3 front lip - we run this on our own BMW M140i development car. It looks great, fits great, and has stood up nicely to heavy use. The V3 moulds nicely to the OEM front bumper and works great alongside the aforementioned gloss black front kidney grilles.

Maxton Design supplies all their front lips with all necessary hardware and a full installation guide.

4. Aggressive Gloss Black Rear Diffuser by Maxton Design

Maxton Design BMW 1 Series M Sport Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

This rear diffuser has been a bestseller for us for years now and it's clear to see why. The price point is amazing, the transformation is dramatic, and the quality/fitment is far better than what £183.99 would suggest. We've had great feedback from customers and all the pieces we've fitted have been spot on.

5. Gloss Black M-style Wing Mirror Covers by MHC

MHC Black BMW F20 1 Series Gloss Black Wing Mirror Covers

The OEM BMW 1 Series mirror covers are body-coloured or silver on the M-lite performance models. Not only that, but the design is rounded and not aggressive at all. MHC's gloss black M-style wing mirror covers give the F2X 1 Series an M-car look. You don't realise how much of a difference these caps make from inside the car. The wing mirrors are always in your peripheral view and the sharp fin design makes your 1 Series feel even more special from the cockpit.


What did you think of our list?

Our favourite thing about these gloss black upgrades is the value! There isn't a single part on this list above £200 and some are under £100! Yet, when you look at our M140i, the difference is dramatic when all the parts come together. You can browse all our BMW M140i offerings here. For M135i parts, shop LCI here and shop pre-LCI here.

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