MSS Suspension Review

MSS Suspension - Worth the upgrade?

Is upgrading your vehicle's suspension with MSS worth it? + we break down the difference between MSS sports, track, urban & hybrid systems.

MSS Suspension is a relatively new brand on the scene. They have hit the market with a wide range of high-quality and innovative suspension products for an expanding range of cars and SUVs. But, how do they stack up against some of the more established brands with long track records? Keep reading to find out.

What Does MSS Suspension Do?

MSS stands for 'Modular Suspension Solutions'. MSS manufactures adjustable suspension kits for an array of modern vehicles such as BMW M, Audi RS and more. Having visited the MSS HQ first-hand, we were very impressed with the level of detail and engineering put into every kit across the range. The suspension systems are designed in the UK and manufactured in Germany - a hub of industry-leading suspension.

MSS Suspension Review

MSS Suspension Review

What Makes MSS Different From Other Suspension Brands?

The main thing that sets MSS apart from other aftermarket suspension brands is that, at the time of writing this, they only manufacture height-adjustable suspension kits. Where other brands are perhaps spread across coilovers, lowering springs, anti-roll bars and H.A.S kits, MSS put all their focus into creating the best height adjustable springs on the market.

Technology-wise, MSS use a patented dual spring setup with three separate spring rates to deal with a range of challenges, road surfaces and driving inputs that a regular single spring cannot cope with as effectively.

MSS Suspension Review

If you're certain a H.A.S kit is the right option for you, MSS has dedicated all its time to dialling in this type of setup. They even offer four different types of H.A.S kit depending on your personal needs, whereas other brands may take a 'one size fits all' approach to their H.A.S kits.

Why Go For A H.A.S Kit Over Coilovers Or Lowering Springs?

MSS Suspension Review

Height adjustable suspension kits give you the best of both worlds: you enjoy the convenience and seamless integration of a lowering spring with the adjustability of a coilover. By retaining your vehicle's OEM dampers, you can maintain any adaptive features and electronic damper control whilst still being able to lower your car your preferred ride height with the spring adjustment - something you can't do with regular lowering springs.

What's The Difference Between MSS Sport, Track, Urban & Hybrid?

MSS Sport

MSS Sports suspension replaces your vehicles single spring with a dual stacked setup of two different springs with three different spring rates. This setup allows your vehicle's suspension to deal with a much wider range of scenarios, reacting more effectively to bumps, potholes, undulations and more. Not only does this improve ride comfort and compliance, it also increases your tyres contact patch across all surface qualities, allowing for more grip. This is the perfect option for the fast road driver who occasionally drives their car on track.

MSS Track

MSS Track suspension utilises the same technology as MSS Sports, however the spring rates are much stiffer with reduced spring travel in the shorter orange spring. This makes the track spring less compliant on the road and more effective on smooth track surfaces.

MSS Urban

MSS Urban suspension is designed for road-going SUVs specifically to improve ride comfort and control without sacrificing performance and dynamics. Manufacturers continue to try and make SUVs more dynamic which has resulted in a much stiffer ride. MSS Urban utilises MSS'u nique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs to overcome the demands of day-to-day driving, including more driving stability and a reduction in the discomfort often felt on rough roads.

MSS Hybrid

With the Hybrid system, MSS took the patented technology used on the rear of the Sports system, but applied it to all 4 corners. The benefits of the Sports system have been amplified to an incredibly fast road/track driving experience. With the Hybrid kit, you also get the insane lowering capability & adjustability of a more expensive coilover system whilst retaining the same level of ride comfort from your factory dampers & adaptive suspension at a lower price point.

To break it down simply:

Sport: Fast road/light track use

Track: Track/light road use

Urban: SUV/ride comfort

Hybrid: Fast road/track use (ultimate technology)

The right system for you depends on how you intend to use the vehicle.

MSS Suspension Review

Other Information

MSS offers a lifetime warranty on all its suspension kits, giving you peace of mind. MSS also manufactures OEM suspension for a world-renowned vehicle brand, demonstrating the level of trust in their product.

MSS don't sell directly to the customer. R44 Performance is an authorised dealer of MSS Suspension. Browse the range here and see what's available for your vehicle.

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