2025 BMW G90 M5 - Specs, Features & Review

2025 BMW G90 M5 - Specs, Features & Review

Discover the BMW G90 M5: Specifications, features, and review. Explore its performance, design, and potential modifications in our comprehensive guide.
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BMW’s long-awaited BMW G90 M5 saloon has been revealed to the public with its whopping 727 bhp hybrid powertrain and tipping the scale at over 2.4 tonnes. You may be wondering what this means for its performance. Although the car doesn’t make its rolling debut until the Goodwood Festival of Speed, many journalists have already gotten behind the wheel of a prototype and shared their initial thoughts.

BMW G90 M5 Specifications

  • Engine: 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 & electric motor
  • Power: 727hp
  • Torque: 738lb ft
  • 0-62mph: 3.5 sec
  • Weight: 2435kg (5368 lbs)
  • Top Speed: 155mph/189mph
  • Electric Range: 40km
  • Base Price: £110,500

BMW G90 M5 Specifications, Features & Review

Why the new BMW G90 M5 is important

The BMW M5 is one of BMW’s most iconic models. Being their flagship high-performance sedan, the M5 is built to embarrass supercars whilst remaining comfortable and practical. Crucially, every M5 has been brilliant to drive and incredibly fast for their time. But with the major changes and enormous weight gain of the new model, will the new G90 be a let down or a worthy successor?

What engine does the BMW G90 M5 have?

The BMW G90 M5 uses an updated version of BMW’s 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in the previous generation F90 M5. However, it now was the assistance of an electric motor to produce 727bhp and 738lb ft of torque.

BMW G90 M5 Specifications, Features & Review

How heavy is the BMW G90 M5?

Thanks to the hybrid system and abundance of technology, the BMW G90 M5 weighs a whopping 2435kg (5368 lbs) - a 30% increase over the previous model. Because of this, the G90 M5 actually accelerates slower from 0-62mph than the outgoing F90 M5.

Despite the M5 now being morbidly obese, BMW’s M engineers claim the G90 still drives like an M5 should, focusing heavily on controlling all that weight so the car still feels dynamic to drive.

BMW G90 M5 Specifications, Features & Review

How much does the BMW G90 M5 cost?

The BMW G90 M5 has a base price of £110,500 which is only around £2,000 more than the previous model. However, fully-loaded with options, you can expect to spend upwards of £130,000.

Will there be a BMW G90 M5 Competition?

Oddly, BMW have denied any rumor of a Competition variant coming to showrooms down the line which means this is all we’re getting. There is a G91 M5 Touring on the way later this year as well as a potential CS variant coming further along into production.

BMW G90 M5 Specifications, Features & Review

BMW G90 M5 Specifications, Features & Review

What modifications will be available for the BMW G90 M5?

As an aftermarket BMW styling & performance company, we’ve already spotted a few areas that could be massively improved with aftermarket modifications.

BMW G90 M5 Carbon Fibre Body Kit Concept:

BMW G90 M5 Carbon Fibre Body Kit

Strangely, the optional factory carbon pack doesn’t include the rear diffuser which will remain gloss black plastic. No doubt the designers at MHC LDN will be on the ball to develop an OEM-quality upgrade to complete the car’s carbon look.

BMW G90 M5 Rear Diffuser

The engine’s power output is actually lower than the previous car so some upgraded engine software will fix that problem.

We also noticed the paddle shifters are very cheap and 'plasticky' compared to the items found in the G80 M3, so some nice carbon fibre upgrades from SHFT or a set of magnetic snappy paddles from JQ Werks will compliment the car nicely.

Customer deliveries will begin in November later this year and we’re very excited to get some G90 M5s in the workshop!

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