How To Service BMW S58 Engine

How to service your BMW S58 Engine the RIGHT way

BMW S58 engine service intervals + a guide to changing your own engine oil!

BMW's S58 engine, first seen in the 2019 X3M and X4M and now in the G8X M2, M3 and M4, has gained a very good reputation for its improved reliability and 'tuneability' compared to previous BMW 'M' engines.

BMW addressed a few areas of concern on their previous engines such as the crank hub now being a single-piece to prevent spinning and blowing up the engine, revised rod bearings to prevent excessive wear and blowing up the engine etc etc. BMW also gave the S58 some forged internals from the factory which will certainly help with long-term reliability on tuned vehicles.

BMW S58 Engine Service Intervals

Engine Oil & Filter

BMW S58 engine oil & filter should be changed at least every 10,000 miles or 1 year. BMW seem to suggest 15,000 miles in some markets but we do not recommend waiting this long. Going the extra mile and changing your oil every 5,000 miles is ideal, especially if you regularly drive your car hard or own a modified vehicle.

Air Filter

Replacing your vehicle's air filter is very inexpensive however, you can simply clean your current air filter during each engine oil service which is sufficient. You only need to replace these filters when the material starts to break down which takes a very long time.

Spark Plugs

BMW recommends changing your S58 engine's spark plugs every 30,000 miles. This is about right, however it may be worth checking the condition of your spark plugs during your regular servicing.

Engine Coolant

BMW recommends draining, flushing and replacing your S58 engine's coolant every 2 years or 30,000 miles. Always use OEM coolant or high-quality aftermarket coolant from a trusted brand. If you notice excessive coolant loss, you could have a leak and should inspect further.

ZF Transmission Oil

We recommend changing the ZF 8-speed gearbox oil every 6 years or 60,000 miles. Do not listen to BMW when they say it's sealed for life. If you're keeping the car long-term, this is essential. Most owners will only keep their car for the lease term/finance agreement and unfortunately won't bother doing this.

How to Change BMW S58 Engine Oil

Changing the engine oil and filter on your BMW's S58 engine is a very simple process. The same method applies whether you own an X3M, X4M, G87 M2, G80 M3 or G82 M4 etc.

We just did an oil change on our single-turbo 800 bhp BMW G81 M3 Touring, so let's talk you through what we did.

BMW S58 Engine Oil Change

Parts Needed For Oil Change

  • 7 Litres of Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Sump Plug + O-Ring

Tools Needed For Oil Change

  • 17mm socket + ratchet/extensions etc
  • E6 torque
  • 32mm socket
  • Torque Wrench
  • Pick Tool

Step 1 - Drain the Oil

Make sure to first loosen your oil filler cap to allow air to pass through for easier drainage. Jack the car up or raise it on a lift, depending on the equipment and setup you're working with. Draining the BMW S58 engine's oil can be done easily on ramps or jack-stands so don't be put off if you don't have access to a lift.

BMW S58 Engine How To Change Oil

Next, under the car, twist and remove the oil drain plug cover. This is a plastic cover that twists into place very easily.

Now, make sure you have your catch tray or bucket at the ready underneath the exposed oil drain plug. Using your 17mm socket, undo the drain bolt to allow the old oil to drain.

BMW S58 Engine Oil Service

Once all the oil has drained, replace the oil drain plug & O-ring with a fresh OEM item. You can pick this up here. Torque this down to 25 Nm.

Step 2 - Change the Oil Filter

BMW S58 Engine Oil Filter Change

The oil filter on the BMW S58 engine is a little bit difficult to access. It's tucked down the back of the engine bay underneath a coolant reservoir. Remove the 2 T6 screws that secure the coolant reservoir and pull the reservoir to side, out the way.

Use your 36mm socket to remove the OEM oil filter and wrap in a towel or cloth to prevent dripping oil into your vehicle's engine bay.

BMW S58 Engine Oil Filter Change

Throw away your crusty old oil filter and replace it with a brand new OEM item. Make sure to swap the O-Ring oil filter gasket over. Slide your new oil filter back into the housing and torque it down to 25.5 Nm.

Finally, secure the coolant reservoir back in place with the 2 T6 screws you removed previously.

Step 3 - Replace the Oil

Pour in 7 litres of OEM or high-quality aftermarket engine oil. On our car, we used MOTUL 300V Competition 5W-40 engine oil which is an incredible synthetic oil. Once you've replaced the oil, simply secure the oil filler cap back in place and your S58 engine oil change is complete!

Lastly, make sure to reset the oil change service interval on your vehicle's driver's display.

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