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R44 Performance launches its BIGGEST project yet!

Watch Episode 1 of the R44 Performance docu-series now.

The BMW G87 M2 has been out for nearly a year - can you believe it? We launched the first ever G87 M2 carbon kit from MHC LDN nearly 1 year ago and have now modified countless G87 M2s across the world.

Our Papaya Orange M2 has been running stage 2 power, full bolt-on upgrades and carbon fibre styling mods for a little while now. We are very happy with the OEM+ look but we're ready to push the envelope further in 2024.

Introducing the first ever R44 Performance docu-series.

The G87 M2 Project

The goal for this project is so build a 1400 whp+ xDrive-converted BMW G87 M2 that will deliver drag times up there amongst some of the fastest BMWs in the world.

R44 Performance BMW G87 M2 Documentary

For this build, we're documenting the full process within a YouTube docu-series for you to follow the journey of this car. The journey ends at Texas 2k25 where we'll put the M2 up against some seriously fast cars.

R44 Performance BMW G87 M2 Documentary

R44 Performance Founder: Rhys Herd

Tom Wrigley Performance BMW G87 M2 Tuner

Tom Wrigley From Tom Wrigley Performance

We will be working with a range of our favourite brands & partners including Tom Wrigley Performance. Tom and his staff are wizards with BMWs and will be behind the xDrive conversion, engine build and much more.

We've know Tom for years now but got a bit more acquainted when our high-mileage F80 M3 blew up. Tom replaced the engine and Stage 3 tuned our F80 - we were very impressed with his work which kickstarted an amazing partnership.

Tom and his team are currently converting our G87 M2 from rear wheel-drive to xDrive, using an OEM BMW xDrive system from a G82 M4.

BMW G87 M2 xDrive Conversion

BMW G87 M2 xDrive Conversion

BMW G87 M2 xDrive Conversion

Stay tuned for episode 2 dropping very soon.

Our Story

R44's founder & Managing Director, Rhys, launched R44 Performance on Black Friday in November 2019. Rhys set up a little office in the shed at the bottom of his mum's backyard, where he launched the website with a host of carbon fibre BMW styling parts & accessories.

With some heavy marketing in Facebook groups, forums & on social media, the company managed to make several thousand pounds in revenue in the first week which was all reinvested back into products. With a lot of continued effort and work, the company slowly grew to the point where Rhys could make his biggest investment yet: the 2021 BMW G80 M3.

This is the car that really put R44 Performance on the map. We both developed and helped develop some of the first modifications for the G80 M3 from carbon fibre to exhaust systems and beyond.

Fast forward 3 years and we've built a huge community of BMW enthusiasts and have now worked on some of the fastest, rarest, and most exclusive modern BMWs in the world.

Recent Projects

Single Turbo BMW G81 M3 Touring

1000 bhp BMW G80 M3

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