Building Our Era Green G42 M240i Shop Car

Building Our Era Green G42 M240i Shop Car

How we built our fully modified BMW G42 M240i xDrive!

Our 2022 BMW G42 M240i xDrive has become a fan favourite and has led the way in product development for the G42 platform. BMW really knocked it out the park with this generation M240i. Most notably, the chassis has taken a huge leap compared to the outgoing F22 and the xDrive system works very effectively to the car's benefit. We don't feel the driving experience has suffered whatsoever by ditching the rear wheel drive configuration.

Our G42 M240i looks very different now from how it did back in March '22 & this blog will cover every stage of the build.


We picked up the keys in late March 2022 - huge thanks to BMW Park Lane for an amazing handover.

BMW G42 M240i xDrive In Thundernight Metallic | R44 Performance

The factory spec included Thundernight Metallic paint - a colour that later proved to be a lot more popular than we'd hoped. The vehicle was equipped with BMW's black pack which meant the standard chrome exterior trim was all nicely stealthed out.

We went with the 19" Bicolour double-spoke style 893 M alloy wheels with red M brake calipers tucked behind. Our G42 also came specified with the comfort pack & M technology pack - this is a fully-loaded example.


Our first upgrade to our M240i was to fit a set of Bimecc wheel spacers. We initially went for a 12mm spacer at the front & 15 mm spacer at the rear.

Bimecc BMW G42 M240i Wheel Spacers | R44 Performance


We then lowered the G42 on a set of Eibach lowering springs. These high-quality springs dropped the car around 20mm and enhanced the vehicle's already impressive handling characteristics. The vehicle's ride quality remained spot on - this is our sales manager Zach's daily driver after all.

Eibach BMW G42 M240i xDrive Lowering Springs


As mentioned earlier, everyone seemed to be specifying the Thundernight Metallic paint, which didn’t help us stand out as a business. We landed on Era Green, a brand-new colour from Inozetek, and we were excited to showcase it on the G42! Inozetek is never the easiest vinyl to work with due to its thickness however, the final results are always worth it.

Inotetek Era Green Vinyl Wrap On BMW G42 M240i Coupe | R44 Performance


Just as the G42 changed colour, we thought it was also the right time for some new shoes. We treated the M240i to a set of 19" Aluwerks XT2's finished in 'Lamborghini Bronze'.

Aluwerks BMW G42 M240i XT2 Wheels | R44 Performance

These wheels have a stunning spoke design and the colour offered a great contrast with the new Era Green wrap.


Now we had the looks down to a T, it was time to throw on some performance upgrades. The first step was to add this stunning intake system from MST. Not only does this intake sound incredible but, with the clear glass heat shield cover, it also looks the part.

MST BMW G42 M240i Intake System | R44 Performance

Listen to some awesome sound clips in the video below!


Initially, we equipped the car with our first prototype R44 cat-back exhaust system for some development & testing. This system was the first full cat-back to go on a G42 M240i and we were the first in the UK to delete the factory OPF. It was really interesting to see how the B58 engine in the G42 would sound fully opened up.

BMW G42 M240i Prototype Exhaust System | R44 Performance

After we'd done some valuable testing on the R44 system, we changed the exhaust setup to a Milltek cat-back system in stainless steel. The Milltek is a fantastic system for the G42 that sounds near perfect, in our opinion. For that reason, the system has stayed on the car up until the present.


Although the gloss black interior trim looks very sleek, we wanted to add a premium performance touch to the G42's cabin. We installed a full SHFT carbon fibre interior trim set which gave the cockpit a true M car feel.

SHFT BMW G42 M240i Interior Trim Set In Gloss Carbon Fibre | R44 Performance

The highlight of the interior, however, is the custom SHFT flat-bottom steering wheel finished in gloss carbon fibre & leather with a race LED display.

SHFT BMW G42 M240i Custom Steering Wheel | R44 Performance


After doing all of our 3D data scanning back in April, we finally had our first MHC+ production kit for the G42. We fitted the full MHC+ G42 M240i Performance Styling Pack which absolutely transformed the car - the presence it has on the road is undeniable.

Kit contents:

In addition to this kit, the car got a set of MHC+ M Wing Mirror Covers & an R44 Performance Sun Strip for good measure.

MHC+ BMW G42 M240i Carbon Kit | R44 Performance

MHC+ BMW G42 M240i Carbon Kit | R44 Performance

What do you think of the build so far? We're pretty happy with how it's looking & we aren't finished yet!

Future updates are still to come...

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