Rhys' top detailing picks | January 2023

Rhys' top detailing picks | January 2023

Our company director, Rhys, had the chance to test out some new detailing products. Here are his top picks!
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We have a HUGE portfolio of products available at R44 Detailing from a range of leading brands. The team here at R44 Detailing has been experimenting with many of the different products we offer so we can offer some deeper insights to our customers.

My name's Rhys - the director of both R44 Performance & R44 Detailing. Unfortunately, as I'm so busy, I don't often get to try out lots of the products we have available for myself. However, the other day, we did a pretty cool photo shoot that required cleaning 3 of our G8X shop cars.

I tried out a few recommendations from the team & I was really blown away by how effective they were. They made cleaning 3 cars consecutively an absolute breeze!

Auto Finesse Detailing Bucket With Grit Guard & Auto Finesse Iron Out | R44 Detailing

My first mention has to be the Auto Finesse Detailing Bucket & Grit Guard. A high-quality bucket with a grit guard is ESSENTIAL - especially when cleaning very dirty cars (which all 3 were, I'm sorry to admit). The grit guard prevents any dirt previously picked up by your wash mitt from swirling about in the bucket to be picked up again as you dip in for more shampoo. Using a still-dirty wash mitt is a sure-fire way to inflict micro-scratches & swirl marks into your vehicle's paintwork.

The grit guard is a vital safety measure!

Auto Finesse Bucket Dolly | R44 Detailing

Working in tandem with the bucket was this really cool Bucket Dolly from Auto Finesse. This is a new product I decided to stock because I appreciate anything that can make detailing less of a workout. You wouldn't believe how much more enjoyable car cleaning is when you don't have to lug a giant bucket full of water around. It also has holders for other bottled products & accessories.

EZ Car Care Detailing Wheel Brush (BIG) Available At R44 Detailing

Next on my list of recommendations is this huge EZ Car Care Wheel Brush. This brush uses bristles instead of microfibre, so it's perfect for agitating stubborn brake dust - especially on uncoated wheels. Being the larger size, it reaches far into the wheel barrel for a deep & effective clean.

Gyeon Q2M Iron Fallout Remover - Available At R44 Detailing

I also got the opportunity to test out Gyeon's Q2M Iron which is an awesome fallout remover with a great bleeding effect. I tried it on both the wheels & paintwork with great results. I would still recommend Gyeon's Iron Wheel Cleaner if you're tackling wheels alone, or if they are especially filthy. The wheel-specific version contains extra chemicals that also target general filth.

If you decide to test any of these products out for yourself, feel free to tag us on Instagram. We'd love to know how you got on with them. I'll definitely make an effort to test out some more new products in the near future & share any more that really stand out to me.

Check out the final results! 3 spotless G80s looking great for their photoshoot!

BMW G80 M3 Photoshoot | R44 Performance

BMW G80 M3 & G82 M4 Photoshoot | R44 Performance

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