We build a Toronto Red BMW G80 M3 from start to finish. Installing over £19,000 worth of modifications!

We know a thing or two about the G8X platform here at R44 Performance. We've built a crazy amount of them over the past year or so, and with our G80 M3 development car now with its new owner, we're building a Toronto Red car from start to finish with over £19,000 in modifications. This blog we be frequently updated with all the latest modifications.

Feel free to check out the build series on YouTube and, if you're interested in being this car's next owner, drop us an email to register your interest. We'd like to offer the unique opportunity for a BMW enthusiast to own this R44 Edition 1 G80 M3 once the build is complete.

This stunning modified BMW G80 M3 R44 Edition 1 is currently available to purchase at EAG Specialist Cars.


Here it is! We've noticed Toronto Red examples are rather unloved in the community and we're here to change that! We picked up this nearly new example completely standard with no carbon pack and comfort seats.

No carbon pack was an essential as this example will be getting the full MHC+ pre-preg carbon treatment. Comfort seats were also an essential for us. Our last G80 had the carbon buckets and, as great as they look, for daily driving and wear, the comfort seats are superior. We want this car to be used by the next owner and, for that, the comfort seats win.

What makes this build special to us is that the whole R44 team has had some input into the parts going on the car. We plan to build more of these in the future and want each example to be unique.

The paintwork is in decent condition, however we will refine it over at R44 Detailing before it goes to its new home.


Now, the excitement really starts! We felt like kids in a candy shop when picking these parts off the shelves. We went for a blend of styling and performance mods to make this G80 M3 very OEM+. We didn't want to go too crazy as this is a build we want someone to be able to use daily without worrying about reliability, emissions etc.

Check out the full collection of parts for this build here.

What exterior styling parts did we go for?

At the front, we chose the MHC+ dream combination of GT Style Grilles, SP1 Front Splitter and Twin Fin Ducts - all of which are manufactured using pre-preg carbon fibre with a high gloss finish. The SP1 features a line that flows perfectly into the twin fin ducts for an aggressive and cohesive look. Despite the car not having Active Cruise Control (ACC) we have gone for the ACC GT Style Front Grilles with the radar cutout. This is because we quite like the look of the larger nostrils and we'd like to showcase how good this new product looks.

Round the side, we've gone for a set of MHC+ SK1 Side Skirts that create a lower, more aggressive OEM+ look. These fit directly to the OEM gloss black side skirts with supplied hardware and are covered by a 3-year MHC+ warranty.

Moving round to the back, we went with an MHC+ OEM Style Rear Diffuser, paired with an MHC+ CS Style Rear Spoiler. There are more aggressive spoiler options available but the CS provides the perfect OEM+ look we're going for with this build.

What about performance mods?

With performance upgrades, we didn't want to go too crazy and create an 800hp flame shooting M3 with hybrid turbos. This is going to have some subtle bolt-on performance modifications that won't compromise the G80 M3's status as an awesome daily driver.

We will be fitting Bimecc G Series Spacers and AST lowering springs to get that perfect stance. The car will get a stainless steel Milltek OPF-Back Exhaust System, retaining the factory OPF's but enhancing the G80's OEM soundtrack. For some extra intake noise we'll install an MST intake. MST make some awesome, great-value intake systems that give you some crazy turbo sounds.

Finishing touches?

Although we haven't decided on everything, the car will definitely be getting a stunning carbon fibre engine cover from Eventuri in combination with a Hexon x R44 strut brace. We currently have some really special wheels in the works for this build. Stay tuned to find out what those are...


There are many exhaust options available for the G80 M3, including our very own R44 Titanium Cat-Back System. As the goal of this build is 'OEM+', we wanted to retain the vehicle's factory OPFs & downpipes which led us to opt for the Milltek OPF Back Exhaust System in stainless steel.

This system will simply refine the G80's exhaust tone and slightly reduce back pressure, all whilst keeping the vehicle completely emissions-compliant for its next owner.

Milltek BMW G80 M3 OPF Back Exhaust System | R44 Performance

Installing A Milltek BMW G80 M3 Exhaust System | R44 Performance


Following the OEM+ theme, we wanted to add a special and unique touch to the G80's engine bay - a build like this is all about the details.

First of all, we added an MST intake. This intake is great value for money and releases some crazy intake sounds. Although there isn't a huge performance gain to be had from an intake on the G80, this system adds both drama and character for a more special driving experience.

BMW G80 M3 Engine Bay Modifications | R44 Performance

MST BMW G80 M3 Intake | R44 Performance

Visually, we also added a beautiful carbon fibre engine cover from Eventuri. This piece is the star of the engine bay and really elevates the feeling of performance under the bonnet. Adjacent to this is the Hexon x R44 front strut brace in gloss carbon fibre. This brace slots nicely into the OEM position and even features a unique R44 logo lacquered into the product - another fine detail to remind you that you're G80 is truly one of a kind!

Modified BMW G80 M3 Competition Engine Bay | R44 Performance


Now, time to achieve the perfect ride height...

With so many springs available on the market from brands such as H&R, Eibach, KW, MMR & more, we really are spoilt for choice as we come to lower our Toronto Red G80.

We decided to go with a set of AST's - simply to try out their revised spring setup and see what fitment we could achieve with the set of custom wheels we have coming for this car.

The drop is approximately 32mm at the front and 25mm at the rear - more importantly, the AST's do pass the finger test!

AST BMW G80 M3 Lowering Springs Front Ride Height | R44 Performance

AST BMW G80 M3 Lowering Springs Rear Ride Height | R44 Performance


So far, we've covered performance, stance & engine bay upgrades. It's now time for the final touches. For the finale of the series, we transformed the look of the G80 with a full MHC+ carbon kit. Not only that - we also added some unique fully custom wheels...

We covered all the exterior upgrades back in Episode 2 - below is a quick recap.

  • MHC+ SP1 Front Splitter
  • MHC+ GT Style Front Grille (ACC)
  • MHC+ Twin Fin Ducts
  • MHC+ SK1 Side Skirts
  • MHC+ OEM Style Rear Diffuser
  • MHC+ CS Style Rear Spoiler
  • MHC+ Side Fender Badge Covers

BMW G80 M3 Competition In Toronto Red Modified By R44 Performance

BMW G80 M3 Competition In Toronto Red Modified By R44 Performance

All the pre-preg carbon upgrades work incredibly well together with all the weaves matching for a cohesive look. When all individual parts combine to create a full kit, you can really notice the small details giving all pieces a consistent design language. For example, the SP1 Front Splitter features lines that flow into the Twin Fin Ducts above.

MHC+ BMW G80 M3 SP1 Front Splitter & Twin Fin Ducts Together As A Set | R44 Performance

Our personal highlight of the build is the R44 x West Forged RH82 Allow Wheels finished in a sleek OEM+ gloss black. The signature is also finished in a matching Toronto Red which really pops up close. Again, this build has really been about the fine details.

R44 Performance x West Forged BMW G80 M3 RH82 Forged Allow Wheels In Gloss Black

We wrapped the G80's new shoes in a full set of Nexen rubber to transfer all 500+ bhp to the ground.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and supported this build. We think Toronto Red is such an underrated colour that deserves more love in the community.

At the time of publishing, the vehicle is now available for sale at EAG Specialist Cars. You can find the listing here.

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