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R44 Detailing ESSENTIALS Full Wash Kit

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Every car cleaning product you need to wash your vehicle's exterior in one set. Includes a mix of our most popular products with an item for each stage of the wash process.

Using this kit will allow you to achieve many safe and effective maintenance washes at a great price. This kit offers an extra discount over purchasing all the products individually.

If you're new to detailing, this kit is the perfect place to start, giving you a full arsenal to attack the filthiest of cars. Likewise if you're experienced, this is an awesome way to try a variety of products, hand-picked by our team. See the full breakdown below!


- Stjarnagloss Först Citrus Pre Cleaner 1L
- Carbon Collective Ultimus Snow Foam 500ml
- Gyeon Q2M Bathe Shampoo 400ml
- Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel 1L
- Gtechniq Microfibre Wash Mitt
- Valet-Pro Drying Towel (Grey)
- Gtechniq - C2 Ceramic Sealant 250ml


Stjarnagloss Först Citrus Pre Cleaner is renowned for being one of the most powerful pre-cleaners on the market. Removing as much dirt and grime as possible without contact is vital for a paint-safe wash. We recommend a minimum 2-stage contactless wash before shampooing a car to avoid scratching or marring exterior paintwork. Simply spray Först on, leave to dwell and rinse off.


The 2nd stage of the contactless wash is using a high-quality snow foam. Ultimus by Carbon Collective is very thick an clingy meaning it can be left to dwell for a long time without drying on the paint. Snow foam is essential for loosening embedded dirt before rinsing off.


As for the shampoo, we selected Bathe by Gyeon, Bathe is tried and tested and we use it on many of our cars here at R44 Detailing. Bathe is nice and slick, cutting through dirt easily whilst offering excellent lubrication to ensure no swirling of the paintwork.


To remove grime and brake dust from wheels, we love to use Bilt Hamber's Auto Wheel. Containing a strong iron remover, this wheel cleaner removes heavily embedded brake dust with ease, displaying that lovely pink bleeding effect.


After washing a vehicle, adding protection is ESSENTIAL. Always keeping a layer of protection applied will make maintenance washing a breeze as filth and contaminants will find it more difficult to cling to exterior panels. Gtechniq C2 Ceramic Sealant is a quick and easy spray on protection with great hydrophobic and dirt repelling properties.


Also including are two basic ESSENTIALS you'll need for a full wash. The Gtechniq Microfibre Wash Mitt is a great-value, paint-safe wash mitt that removed dirt without scratching. ValetPRO's Grey Drying Towel will allow you to thoroughly and safely wipe down the wet panels before applying protection.

Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.