EBC Toyota A90 Mk5 Supra GR Yellowstuff Front Brake Pads DP42302R
EBC Toyota A90 Mk5 Supra GR Yellowstuff Front Brake Pads DP42302R

EBC Toyota Supra GR Yellowstuff Front Brake Pads (A90)

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EBC Yellowstuff Performance Brake Pads are high-performance brake pads designed to be usable on both road or track. With a compound that works perfectly from cold, but only gets better as the pads get hot, these are an unusual combination of road and track usability.


  • Suitable for road and track
  • Excellent stopping power from cold
  • Improve as they get hot

EBC's Yellowstuff compound is one of their newest and outstanding combination of from-cold usability and high-temperature resistance. They do not represent the trade-off you sometimes get with other compounds where a high upper operating temperature comes at the expense of low-temperature ability. Most Yellowstuff brake pads pass ECE R90 testing which requires that a pad work well at low temperatures.

Manufactured from an aramid fibre-based brake compound with a high brake effect from cold, these high friction pads do not require warm-up and get even stronger under the heat of hard driving. It is very resistant to heavy braking and heat, and this has allowed Yellowstuff to be used with great success in shorter-track events and on high-speed Police vehicles.

This is a slightly harder compound, so offers a good positive pedal feel. Disc wear is not excessive either.

Yellowstuff pads are used in the Silverstone Drivers' experience cars because of their high performance and long life. Because of its huge heat range, EBC Yellowstuff really work well on cars used for very high-performance road driving - from high-power saloons like M3's to trackday pocket rockets that are driven to and from the circuit.

EBC do recommend Yellowstuff for track day use and other short-term track use. For longer usage, a different compound would be more suitable.

Supplied as a pair unless otherwise noted.

Yellowstuff pads feature edge chamfers to reduce noise and Brake-In surface coating which conditions the disc surface and accelerates pad bed-in. Most EBC Yellowstuff pads are approved to ECE R90 - if you require this, then check before purchasing.


  • 1 x EBC Front Brake Pad (Left)
  • 1 x EBC Front Brake Pad (Right)


    • Toyota Supra GR (A90) - Brembo Calipers 


    This product comes with an EBC warranty. See their website for further details.