Carbon Collective 1″ HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads-R44 Performance

Carbon Collective 1″ HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads

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Carbon Collective 1″ HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads are designed to optimise the cut and finish of the Prima compound, increasing speed & cutting power. Designed for polishing those awkward areas such as wheels, behind door handles, panel gaps & door shuts. Our number system helps you select the right pad for the job, see details below:

Compound 1 – Green Pads

  • Heavy cut, for removing oxidation, correcting after wet sanding & rejuvenating older paints.

Compound 2 – Yellow Pads

  • Medium cut, for removing deep scratches, correcting holograms & buffer trails.

Polishing 3 – Orange Pads

  • Heavy Polishing, for removing swirls & lighter scratches whilst restoring gloss & clarity.

Felt, Wool & Microfibre

  • Maximum cut, for areas with excessive oxidation or need higher cut than foam pads.


  • 1″ Yellow polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Green polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Orange polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Felt polishing x2 (White)
  • 1″ Wool polishing pads x2 (Purple)
  • 1″ Microfibre polishing pads x2 (Blue)
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