America… you guys were amazing! The quality of builds on your side of the pond were truly staggering, and the community was even better!

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We touched down on Thursday 16th June, feeling jet lagged but absolutely buzzing to dive headfirst into the crazy BMW scene on the east coast. We loaded up our absolute BEAST of a rental car, the sturdy Hyundai Tucson, and hit the road.

After a bit of sightseeing, it was straight onto the installs. We started strong with two G8X installs, and these vehicles were seriously kitted out. A heavily modified G82 rolled up with an upgraded transmission, upgraded turbos capable of 1000bhp - the level of tuning in the USA is unrivaled. You guys really send your builds to space. The G82 got one of our aggressive CSL-style MHC+ grilles, transforming the vehicle’s front end. Shortly after, our good friend Sumith pulled up in his stunning G80 M3, equipped with our GT-style MHC+ grilles, twin-fin ducts, performance style wing, OEM-style rear diffuser and more! These two incredible vehicles were a sure sign of what was to come…The following day, we visited BMW of Turnersville in New Jersey, an outstanding BMW dealership, who even had a test track in their own backyard. We were greeted by a beautiful G80 M3 finished in Skyscraper Grey, fitted with a full R44 kit. On the list was our SP1 front splitter, SK1 side skirts and ducktail rear spoiler. To complement these upgrades, we fitted GT-style MHC+ grilles and a full titanium R44 cat-back exhaust system.

Honestly, there were too many grille installations to list - fitting six on the Saturday alone! We’re so glad you guys love them as much as we do! 

Turnersville BMW’s test track made a great photo location. Here are some of our favourite shots.Sunday 19th June, 9:00am: Cars & Coffee time! Philly Bimmer Club hosted a knockout morning meetup, with an insane turnout of vehicles. We bumped into our good friend Vik, who not only had a load of our stunning MHC+ parts, but had even colour-matched them in Sao Paulo Yellow. 

We met so many amazing owners. What do you guys think of this ‘his & hers’ car-combo? Even after we left the event, we bumped into another one of our customers, Louie and his lovely wife, in a gorgeous modified black F80 M3 and M2 Competition. One drink recommendation later, we were shooting their cars. What a nice, unexpected way to round off an amazing weekend. But it didn’t end there… On Monday we flew over to Chicago to visit iND Distribution, who are truly changing the game when it comes to aftermarket modifications. We had the opportunity to film their out-of-this world development cars. If you haven’t already seen the video, check it out below!

We’re excited to announce the beginning of a fruitful relationship with iND. Their product offerings are next-level and their paint quality is unrivaled. Check out the range of iND products here to see what they can do for your BMW!

America, thank you for having us. We can’t wait to come back soon!

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