How To Get Your BMW G80 M3 To 1000 BHP

How we built a 1,000 bhp BMW G80 M3!

Hot to take your S58-powered BMW G80 M3, G82 M4 or G87 M2 to 1000bhp!

Since coming out in 2021, the BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4 were destined to make big power. The BMW S58 engine is highly tuneable and very strong, making it a great platform for tuning.

We’re so proud to finally showcase our 1000 bhp 2022 BMW G80 M3 Competition xDrive in Individual Mexico Blue!

BMW G80 M3 xDrive With 1000 bhp

Many of you will have seen this car before, both online and at shows, but the car is now substantially more powerful, dyno-ing at 889 wheel-horsepower and 989 Nm Torque. Accounting for drivetrain loss through the xDrive system, this equates to roughly 1022 bhp at the crank.

1000bhp BMW G80 M3 Dyno

In terms of drag times, we did some runs at Santa Pod Raceway here in the UK:

0-60mph = 2.04 seconds
100-200kph = 3.9 seconds
60-130mph = 4.5 seconds
¼ mile = 9.33 seconds @ 146mph

People tend to get very hung up on numbers. All we can say is, it’s a seriously fast car. At the time of posting this, it’s the fastest G8X in Europe on the Draggy App. We’re not sure for how long as we know there is a lot more still to be had from this platform. BMW has absolutely smashed it with this engine & drivetrain.

So, what setup are we running to achieve this level of performance?

The car is a PureTurbos Stage 2+ built by Tom Wrigley Performance in the UK. (You might recognise Tom from our recent single-turbo M3 Touring build). This configuration includes PureTurbos hybrid turbochargers with a built-engine. The S58’s internals are very strong from the factory but we fitted TWP drop-in conrods & ARP studs. All the software was fine-tuned by Tom Wrigley Performance & Mike Ball.

1000bhp BMW G80 M3 Pure Turbos Hybrid Turbochargers
1000bhp BMW G80 M3 Pure Turbos Stage 2+ Turbo Kit
To help transfer all this power to the ground, the car features a built gearbox & torque converter by Pure Drivetrain Solutions. Again, gearbox software by Tom Wrigley & Mike Ball.

To keep things cool, our G80 is running the full catalog of CSF cooling components with the stunning inlet manifold color-matched in Mexico Blue. In terms of airflow, the car has retained stock airboxes and uses PureTurbos silicone pipes supplied with the turbo. As for the exhaust setup, we installed R44 catless downpipes paired with the Grail Automotive single-midpipe & OPF-back exhaust system.

CSF Radiators BMW G80 M3 S58 Charge Cooler Manifold
1000bhp BMW G80 M3 Pure Turbos Silicone Hoses

BMW G80 M3 Grail Automotive Exhaust System

Grail Automotive BMW G80 M3 Exhaust System

For those interested in the fueling upgrades and other hardware modifications, see the list of supporting parts below:

ID 1050cc Injectors x 6
Mike Ball Tuning - plug & play RHD harness
CAN + power splitter
Flex Fuel Kit (with filter and ethanol sensor)
ReFlex Plus™
ReFlex Plus™ mounting bracket
Motiv™ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor
Fuel pressure sensor fitting
Performance Fueling solutions G8X S58 BMW Full Drop in Brushless LPFP upgrade
MHD Tuning

Now, this isn’t a Hennessey Exorcist. We didn’t just throw 1000 horsepower at it and then do very little to the brakes, suspension, etc.

For handling & stability, the car benefits from the KW H.A.S suspension kit with solid front control arm bushes & adjustable rear traction arms from Suspension Secrets. We recently added the full Suspension Secrets product range to our store - they’re making some truly incredible components.

BMW G80 M3 KW Suspension & 1000m Alloy Wheels
1000bhp BMW G80 M3 xDrive By R44 Performance

As for the brakes, we run EBC 2-piece brake discs (front & rear) with a combination of EBC Blue Stuff & RPX racing brake pads. This setup is supported with upgraded lines and Castrol React SRF brake fluid - an expensive fluid but well worth it!

BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 EBC Brake Discs

We’re well aware the majority of G8X owners aren’t looking to get 1000 bhp from their car - but lots of you enjoy making your car look more aggressive & unique. Here are the aesthetic mods we went for:

The car is running the full MHC LDN pre-preg carbon low-line kit, made up of the iconic SP1 front lip, SK1 side skirts & SS1 rear side splitters. The front lip is also accompanied by the GT-style front grille & Twin Fin ducts, also manufactured by MHC LDN. This is our go-to setup for transforming the front of any G8X M3 or M4. Don’t forget the R44 CSL yellow DRLs which work surprisingly well with the Mexico Blue paintwork.
1000bhp BMW G80 M3 With MHC LDN Carbon Fibre Body Kit

BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 CSL Yellow DRL Modules By R44 Performance

BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 Carbon Fibre DF1 LED Rear Diffuser

On the front fenders, you’ll notice full replacement pre-preg carbon side badges. This is a small touch that really lifts the side of the car.

To complete the rear, we opted for the MHC LDN DF1 Carbon diffuser with the integrated LED brake light + a set of OLED taillights.

BMW G80 M3 OLED Rear Tailights
Full Xpel paint protection film was also a must!

With the car having the Ultimate Pack, we already had all the lovely interior carbon including the amazing carbon fiber bucket seats. To take it to the next level, we added a full Alcantara steering wheel from SHFT with JQ Werks Madtrace magnetic paddles for more engaging shifts.

BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 Carbon Fibre Interior Modifications

Thank you for taking the time to check out our latest project. The road to 1000bhp is officially over! Please let us know what you think of the build & feel free to share any insights from your own S58 tuning journey - we know there are plenty of big power cars across the world!

Full List Of Modifications

  • MHC+ SP1 Front Splitter
  • MHC+ Twin Fin Ducts
  • MHC+ GT Style Front Grilles
  • MHC+ SK1 Side Skirts
  • MHC+ Full Replacement Side Badges
  • MHC+ SS1 Rear Side Splitters
  • MHC+ DF1 LED Rear Diffuser
  • MHC+ OEM-Style Rear Spoiler
  • MHC LDN OLED Style Rear Lights
  • Genuine BMW M Performance 1000M Alloy Wheels In Gold Bronze
  • SHFT Off Catalogue Custom Steering Wheel
  • JQ Werks Clubsport Magentic Paddle Shifters
  • SHFT Carbon Fibre Driver’s Side Air Vent Trim
  • R44 CSL-Yellow DRL Modules
  • Motech Engine Strut Brace
  • MHC+ Carbon Fibre Slam Panel Cover
  • PureTurbos Stage 2+ Hybrid Turbochargers
  • PureTurbos Intake Hoses
  • Stage 3 Engine Software By Tom Wrigley Performance & Mike Ball
  • Gearbox Software By Tom Wrigley Performance & Mike Ball
  • Tom Wrigley Performance Drop In Forged Conrods
  • Pure Transmissions Stage 2 Built Gearbox
  • ARP S58 Head Studs
  • ID 1050cc Injectors x 6
  • Mike Ball Tuning - plug & play RHD harness
  • CAN + power splitter
  • Flex Fuel Kit (with filter and ethanol sensor)
  • ReFlex Plus™
  • ReFlex Plus™ mounting bracket
  • Motiv™ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel pressure sensor fitting
  • Performance Fueling solutions G8X S58 BMW Full Drop in Brushless LPFP upgrade
  • MHD Tuning
  • CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger
  • CSF Engine Oil Cooler
  • CSF ZF8 Transmission Cooler
  • CSF BMW S58 Charge Cooler Inlet Manifold Finished In Mexico Blue
  • R44 200 CELL Sports Cat Downpipes
  • Grail Automotive Cat-Back Single Midpipe Exhaust System
  • KW Automotive H.A.S Kit
  • EBC Brakes 2-Piece Floating Front Brake Discs
  • EBC Brakes 2-Piece Floating Rear Brake Discs
  • EBC Racing RP-X Front Brake Pads
  • EBC Racing RP-X Front Brake Pads
  • EBC Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid

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