Gloss Black Vehicle Styling: Should You?

Gloss Black Vehicle Styling: Should You?

Gloss Black ABS is a great choice for exterior spoilers, splitters, diffusers & more! But how does it stack up against carbon fibre? Read to find out.
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Why fit exterior styling parts to your car?

Exterior styling parts are brilliant for enhancing the way your car looks. With an infinite number of options out there for a wide range of vehicles, there is something to suit everyone's taste. Adding high-quality exterior styling upgrades can make your vehicle stand out and make it your own, almost as an extension of your personality.

Gloss Black BMW Styling Parts | R44 Performance

Why choose Gloss Black styling upgrades?

Gloss black styling upgrades are generally manufactured using ABS, an extremely durable plastic used extensively in the automotive industry. Our MHC Black Gloss Black Styling Range utilises ABS as well as other well-known brands such as Maxton Design, who also favour this material. 

1. Clean & stealthy look.

Gloss black offers a sleek & stealthy vibe that works with any paint colour.

2. More affordable than carbon fibre.

It's also far more affordable than carbon fibre exterior styling parts - especially pre-preg carbon fibre which is very expensive to manufacture.

3. Durable & weather-resistant.

ABS has greater flex than carbon fibre, meaning if you scrape or ding it accidentally, it's far less likely to damage the panels it's attached to. If you're car's extremely low and you're constantly destroying front splitters, a £1499 MHC+ SP1 Pre Preg Carbon Fibre Front Splitter is far more expensive to replace than a £159.99 MHC Black Performance Style Front Splitter.

MHC Black BMW 1 Series Gloss Black Grilles | R44 Performance

What reasons are there to avoid Gloss Black styling upgrades?

1. Not as strong as carbon fibre.

Despite the durability of ABS, if you're number 1 priority is quality, it's hard to beat carbon fibre - especially pre-preg carbon fibre you'd find from MHC+.

2. Heavier than carbon fibre.

Carbon is extremely lightweight, hence why it's used extensively in motorsport. Pre-preg carbon is even lighter - up to 70% lighter, in fact.

3. Doesn't look as premium as carbon fibre.

There's a reason why gloss black is standard on a BMW M3, but carbon fibre is an optional extra. If you want the ultimate, most premium material, gloss black is unlikely to satisfy your needs.

Top Gloss Black Brands

Acexxon Motorsport

Acexxon Motorsports BMW Gloss Black Reflector Inserts | R44 Performance

Acexxon manufacture some amazing reflector inserts that add a more premium, sleek and aggressive look to vehicle bumpers. They are super affordable and prove styling is all about the details.

MHC Black

MHC Black BMW F22 M240i Gloss Black Styling Parts | R44 Performance

MHC Black is our own gloss black styling range. All parts are supplied with our fitment guarantee & 1-year warranty as well as any necessary hardware. All MHC Black products are individually quality-checked and prepped with pre-applied 3M tape to make installation as easy and convenient as possible.

MHC Black BMW F20 M140i Gloss Black Styling Parts | R44 Performance

MHC Black first made a name for itself on the F20 & F22 platforms before expanding to cover the full F Series range. Most recently, MHC Black has become known for its new G80 & G82 styling parts.

Maxton Design

Maxton Design Gloss Black Styling | R44 Performance

Maxton Design has been killing it in the styling game for years now. We're proud to be authorised dealers of the full Maxton range. If you can't find the Maxton product you're looking for on our website, make sure to drop us a message and we'll happily source it for you!


With recent rises in manufacturing costs and the current cost of living crisis, gloss black styling makes a lot of sense. The quality and finish of MHC+ pre-preg carbon fibre are unmatched - but this doesn't come cheap.

Gloss black styling provides the same aggressive look you're looking for at a much lower price point.

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