Building a Hot Wheels BMW G87 M2 for Bimmerfest 2023!

Building a Hot Wheels BMW G87 M2 for Bimmerfest 2023!

Modifying a 2023 BMW G87 M2 into a real-life Hot Wheels car with MHC's Edition 1 carbon kit!

With more and more BMW G87 M2s being delivered across the world, modified examples are starting to crop up at shows and on social media. Since MHC developed the first UK carbon fibre styling kit for the new M2, we've been traveling across the world fitting as many parts as possible to showcase the vehicle's styling potential.

On this build, we collaborated with Hot Wheels and Story BMW to build a real-life Hot Wheels G87.

Story BMW is an official BMW dealership in the Netherlands that supply and fit MHC styling parts to their customers' vehicles. This makes MHC one of the only BMW styling manufacturers to have backing from BMW themselves!

Watch the build + Bimmerfest 2023 Highlights here:

The Modifications

Aside from the crazy Hot Wheels livery and custom alloy wheels, we fitted MHC's all-new Edition 1 carbon fibre front splitter and Edition 1 carbon fibre side skirts. This combination gave the Hot Wheels M2 an aggressive OEM+ look to make it stand out at the 2023 Bimmerfest BMW show!

BMW G87 M2 Carbon Fibre Kit by MHC

Hot Wheels BMW G87 M2

Story BMW Netherlands Hot Wheels BMW G87 M2

MHC+ BMW G87 M2 Edition 1 Carbon Kit Installation

Bimmerfest 2023 - The Highlights

This was our first time attending Bimmerfest and it absolutely blew away our expectations. Shows are great for us as a business, but we love taking the time to have a walk round to see the crazy builds, meet new people and just enjoy being part of such an amazing community. To see us walk round some of our favourite cars at the show, be sure to check out our YouTube video here.

BMW G87 M2 At Bimmerfest 2023

Bimmerfest 2023 Highlights

CSF Cooling Parts

We also got to help showcase some of the amazing cooling upgrades from CSF. These mods have been essential for our 9-second G80 M3 xDrive to run consistently fast times even in hot weather conditions.

We encourage all of you to get yourself out to as many shows as possible this summer. You may even see us there!

*cough Goodwood*

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