2023 BMW G87 M2 - Specs, features & what modifications are available?

2023 BMW G87 M2 - Specs, features & what modifications are available?

The new 2023 BMW G87 M2 is here! Here are the key features, specs & modifications available for BMW's baby M-car!
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The new BMW G87 M2 is finally here - the long-awaited replacement for the BMW F87 M2 that was released way back in 2016. The old M2 was heavily praised for its old-school M driving dynamics, smaller dimensions and playful chassis - something lots of BMW enthusiasts thought had been lost by the brand.

Fast-forward to 2023 and G87 M2 customer deliveries have begun. Like most modern BMW models, the G87 has had its fair share of controversy with some of the community unsure of the G Series design & weight,

BMW G87 M2 2023

We're not worried though. No doubt, in a year's time, the G87 will be just as accepted and loved as the G80 and G82.

BMW G87 M2 Performance & Specifications

1. Performance

BMW G87 M2 Engine & Performance Specificatons

The new BMW G87 M2 features the same S58 twin-turbocharged 3.0 litre straight-six as the G80 M3, producing around 460bhp and 405lb-ft of torque. This gives the G87 M2 a claimed 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds with the eight-speed automatic gearbox or 4.1 seconds with the six-speed manual option. Not only is this a considerable step up from the previous F87 M2 with 365bhp and 343lb-ft of torque, it's also not far behind its bigger brother; the G82 M4.

2. Weight

BMW claims the new G87 M2 Coupe weighs in at 3,814 lbs (1,730kg). This is almost as heavy as the G82 M4 Coupe!

3. Handling

Unsurprisingly, the new BMW G87 M2 has had great reviews regarding its handling characteristics. Featuring a wider track and longer wheelbase than the F87 M2, the G87 has more grip and high-speed stability through the turns. It's certainly more capable, but is it still fun? Despite the significant weight increase, the G87 M2 is still very playful in the bends.

BMW G87 M2 Handling

Importantly, the G87 is going to be an amazing platform that R44 Performance very much looks forward to building upon. We already have a selection of G87 M2 handling modifications & upgrades here.

4. Interior

BMW's G87 M2 features the latest curved infotainment display and carbon fibre trim as standard. The G87 can be specified with BMW's stunning carbon fibre bucket seats although this is a high-cost option. A common complaint with the F87 M2 was the interior quality and design not being up to par with its competitors - not the case with the G87.

BMW G87 M2 Interior

BMW G87 M2 Interior Features

BMW G87 M2 Reviews

What Modifications Are Available?

With the new BMW G87 M2 sharing its platform with the G8X M3 and M4, there is already a wide range of mods available. Thanks to friends of R44 Performance USA, we have done a lot of research into which G80 parts also fit the G87 M2. In fact, we've already put together a collection of G87 M2 parts & upgrades for you to browse and order in time for your M2's delivery!

Shop all BMW G87 M2 parts and modifications here.

1. Engine & Performance

One of our favourite bolt-on engine upgrades for the S58 is the MST cold air intake system which fits perfectly to the BMW G87 M2! This intake is great value and has been a favourite amongst our G80 M3 customers. The Eventuri S58 intake system is also compatible with the new 2023 M2 if you're looking for an intake at the high end.

2. Exhaust Upgrade 

Our good friends at Valvetronic Designs have already created an amazing exhaust upgrade for the new G87 M2. From the factory, the new M2 is unsurprisingly very muted due to regulations. From their learning in the G80 M3 platform, Valvetronic's Equal Length midpipe helps increase volume and drastically improve sound characteristics as it runs the exhaust unrestricted 3.5 inches back to our valved rear section.

You can see Valvetronic's BMW G87 M2 Exhaust System here.

3. Exterior Styling

The MHC+ Carbon Fibre Body Kit

MHC BMW G87 M2 Caron Fibre Bodykit

Unlike many other UK BMW styling companies, MHC has had exclusive access to the new BMW G87 M2. MHC's BMW G87 M2 carbon fibre styling parts have already been developed, redesigned, test-fitted, and refined and are now in production. We have kept our designs under wraps thus far but the official launch date is 31st May!

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