BMW F87 M2 Competition Top 5 Best First Modifications

Top 5 best first modifications for the BMW F87 M2 Competition!

Here are the top 5 best first modifications for the 2018-2020 BMW F87 M2 Competition!
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The F87 generation BMW M2 Competition has been out for quite a few years now. At their current price-point in the market, they are quite an attractive proposition - especially since the new, heavier G87 M2 has been released. You can pick up a BMW F87 M2 Competition for half the price of a brand new G87 M2, leaving plenty of money for modifications to make the F Series car even better!

Over the years, we've modified countless F87 M2 Competitions and, recently, we even bought our own!

This is a list of our go-to modifications for an owner who's just purchased their F87 M2 and wants to begin their modifying journey. We have addressed areas of the car that are a bit disappointing in standard form.

As this generation has been out for so long, the number of mods available is endless! Explore all BMW F87 M2 Competition parts, modifications & accessories here.

1. Lowering Springs

As is the case with most modern BMW M cars, the F87 M2 Competition sits a bit too high from the factory. Fortunately, many companies have developed lowering springs to fix this problem, giving the car a more aggressive stance & improved handling.

BMW F87 M2 Competition Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs

BMW F87 M2 Competition Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs

The springs we generally recommend to our customers are the Eibach Pro Kit Lowering springs which offer a 25mm drop at the front and a 20mm drop at the rear. This is the perfect amount of lowering, improving the car's aesthetics whilst maintaining practicality. The last thing we want is you to be scraping everywhere and getting beached on speed bumps, so this level of lowering is just right!

The BMW M2 Competition sits higher at the front from factory and the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs level the car out nicely. Performance benefits include a lower centre of gravity, reduced body roll, sharper turn in and more texture through the steering wheel.

2. Wheel Spacers

As well as the car sitting too high from the factory, the F87 M2 Competition's wheels don't sit flush with the arches. The OEM wheels are slightly tucked in which doesn't look the best - especially when the car isn't lowered. Fortunately, this gap isn't as bad as on the new G Series cars but it's still worth addressing.

BMW F87 M2 Competition Bimecc Wheel Spacers

We recommend 10mm wheel spacers at the front and 12mm spacers at the rear. For a more aggressive stance, increase the front spacers to 12mm but there's really no need to go beyond this.

The brand we recommend for its build quality & corrosion-resistance is Bimecc. You can learn more about Bimecc BMW F Series wheel spacers here.

3. Axle Back Exhaust System

The factory BMW exhaust system for the BMW F87 M2 Competition leaves a lot to be desired. The noise is muffled and overly raspy - not to mention the crazy high weight of the thing. Also, for some reason BMW left the OEM exhaust rear silencer hanging really low like a cow's udder. It really lets the rear of the car down in terms of looks.

BMW F87 M2 Competition OEM Exhaust Udder

BMW F87 M2 Competition Remus Racing Exhaust System

We understand that most owners just want a slight noise enhancement and aren't looking to create a straight-piped burbling monster. We recommend the Remus Racing axle-back exhaust system which improves the car's sound, weighs considerably less, is completely emissions compliant and retains the OEM valve functionality.

BMW F87 M2 Competition Remus Racing Exhaust System

BMW F87 M2 Competition Remus Racing Exhaust Fitting

We run this exhaust system on our BMW F87 M2 Competition shop car and the sound is amazing for just an axle-back setup. Even with the resonators and OPFs still in place, this system makes the S55 sound amazing.

4. Magnetic Paddle Shifters

BMW F87 M2 Competition JQ Werks Madtrace Magnetic Paddle Shifters

BMW F87 M2 Competition Carbon Fibre Magnetic Paddle Shifters By JQ Werks Madtrace

Now for something a little different. Magnetic paddle shifters really enhance the driving experience of any automatic car. The paddles snap back into place and make that satisfying 'click' noise through every gear change.

The F87 M2 Competition's OEM paddle shifter are cheap, 'plasticy' and offer very little feedback or satisfaction when shifting through the car's 7-speed DCT gearbox. We found installing the JQ Werks Madtrace carbon fibre magnetic paddle shifters to be a very worthwhile upgrade. When driving, the interior touch-points have a huge impact on the driving experience so why not make them as engaging and premium as possible?

5. CSL Yellow DRL Modules

BMW F87 M2 CSL Yellow DRL Modules By R44 Performance

This is another customer-favourite. CSL yellow daytime running modules give the F87 M2 Competition an aggressive motorsport look. We have yet to see a factory colour option that the R44 yellow DRLs don't suit! Even on our Long Beach Blue car, they look amazing.

They take under an hour to install, are completely road legal and do not interfere with full beam (which remains standard). They are also great-value and we haven't had a single warranty claim on the hundreds that have left the factory, showing the amazing quality and durability of R44 DRLs compared to others on the market.

Remember: Maintenance First

BMW F87 M2 Competition Servicing

BMW F87 M2 Competition Oil & Filter Change

We always emphasise this to our customers. When you first purchase a new BMW, it's important to ensure all maintenance and servicing is up to scratch before you start modifying. All genuine BMW service items for the S55 engine can be found on our BMW service parts collection here.

We have also created a full guide to maintaining the BMW F87 M2 Competition's S55 engine + some common problems to look out for. You can check this out here.

Bonus Modification

BMW F87 M2 Competition Carbon Fibre GT Style Front Splitter Lip

Leading carbon fibre BMW styling manufacturer MHC LDN recently released a brand new front lip for the BMW F87 M2 Competition. The GT style front lip looks very aggressive yet OEM+ and is manufactured from 100% pure pre-preg carbon fibre with a fitment guarantee and 3-year warranty! Definitely a front splitter worth checking out!

For any advice or parts sourcing, don't hesitate to contact our customer service line. We would be more than happy to help you even if it's just pointing you in the right direction.

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