MSS BMW F98 X4M Competition Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit
MSS BMW F98 X4M Competition Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit
MSS BMW F98 X4M Competition Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit
MSS BMW F98 X4M Competition Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit

MSS Suspension BMW F98 X4M Competition Urban Adjustable Front & Rear Ride Management System

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Unlock the Ultimate Driving Experience with MSS Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit for BMW F98 X4M Competition

Elevate your BMW F98 X4M Competition's performance and comfort with the MSS Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit. Engineered for precision and adaptability, this suspension kit is designed to enhance your driving experience in urban settings and beyond. Surprisingly, we find the MSS kit is much more compliant on the road. We don't mean stiffer, just better! The OEM suspension is extremely firm for a stock car and the MSS Urban kit deals with poor road surfaces much more competently. Shocks and vibrations caused by bumps and the roughness of the road surface are both more effectively absorbed by the dual stacked, triple rated springs - rather than being transmitted through to the cabin as jolting and distracting road noise.

Suspension Lowering Range

  • Front lowering range: 0 to -40mm (+/-3mm).
  • Rear lowering range: 0 to -35mm (+/-3mm).
  • Recommended rake setup: 20mm positive.

MSS Triple Engineered Technology adjustable spring kits put the driver in full control of their ride and handling experience. MSS utilizes two active springs with three separate spring rates: the single rated orange spring and the dual rated black spring. This combination delivers a huge range of capability in operation - a smooth and almost linear transition. The relatively low initial spring rate absorbs small bumps in the road, thereby increasing grip. It then transitions to a secondary spring rate which enhances vehicle handling during cornering, giving you the ultimate control of your driving experience. Thanks to its patented, triple stack spring technology, MSS can for the first time, deliver improved performance, comfort and safety, within one product - and without compromise.

How The Suspension Works

The black MSS Ride Enhancer keeps the MSS Ride Controller properly seated against the suspension, so you can push the limits of your car. When cornering hard and wheels lifts off the ground, the active coils of the tender spring hold the MSS Ride Controller in position. The central coupler provides a firm base for the springs to seat on. It retains spring alignment and help the components perform to their max. The lightweight, chamfered design of the coupler ensures the springs do not catch on the edges when in operation. The Ride Adjuster has been designed to enable ride-height adjustment to your specific requirements. At the turn of the wrench, you can fine-tune your vehicle for road, dirt and race circuit conditions. The orange MSS Ride Controller was developed by MSS and is manufactured by Eibach, the world leader in springs. It specifically works on enhancing performance handling and comfort on both wet and dry roads. Along with the shock absorber, the single rated, heavy duty spring stabilizes your vehicle during acceleration, steering, cruising and braking.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from top-grade materials for durability and longevity.
  • Adjustable Ride Height: Easily adjust the ride height to suit your driving style and road conditions.
  • Improved Handling: Experience superior handling and stability on city streets and highways.
  • Optimised Performance: Designed specifically for the BMW F98 X4M Competition, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with comprehensive instructions for hassle-free installation.

Why Choose MSS Suspension?

MSS Suspension is renowned for its innovative suspension solutions that combine advanced engineering with practical functionality. With the Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit for the BMW F98 X4M Competition, you are investing in a product designed to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort.


  • Compatibility: BMW F98 X4M Competition
  • Adjustability: Height and damping adjustable
  • Material: High-strength steel and lightweight aluminum
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty

Transform your BMW F98 X4M Competition with the MSS Urban Adjustable Suspension Kit. Whether navigating urban jungles or cruising on open roads, this kit ensures you do so with style, comfort, and confidence.